Over Again ( Harry Styles fanfict )

Cher is 22 years old. She get divorced because her husband was violent to her and her 3 years old daughter. But she met someone who makes her life and her daughter's life better.


2. Record Studio

Cher P.O.V.

Today One Direction will come over for record their new album . I never seen them before . The boys entred in the studio. They were so happy and they were speaking to each others but when they entred in the studio they freeze.

" Hello! My name is Cher." I said.

" Nice to meet you Cher" All of them said.

And they start each other to say their names.

" So let's go to record, then!" I said very happy.

" Sure." All of them said.

We start to record the songs.

After  1 hour........

We take a break and my little daughter come in the studio.

" Mummy!!" She said.

" Hello, sweety!" I said to her giving her a hug.

The boys were next to me and they were a bit shocked.

" How was your day been?" I asked to Marie.

She didnt answer me because she were so busy with the boys.

" Is she your daughter?" Harry asked me.

" Yes."  I said very happy.

" Wow! So this means that you're married?!" He said looking down like his heart was broken.

" Nope, I divorced  her father when she were 1." I said looking down too.

" I'm sorry for you." Harry said and he pulled me in a hug.

" My friend from primary !" Naill said to me.

Me and Naill were in primary  bestfriends. But when we went to secondary we split out.

" I can see that you got a family now! A beautful family! A beautiful princess!" Naill said.

" Kind of" I said looking again down.

" What do you mean by kind of?" Naill said with his funny Irish accent.

" I divorced her father when she were 1." I said.

" I'm sorry for you, princess!" Naill said.

" Mummy! Mummy, can we take the boys home?" Marie said.

" We can't sweety." I said to her.

" Wait. We can name the album " Take Me Home" ! " Zayn said.

"Yes!" Everybody said.

" We need to go now, guys!" Paul came in the studio and told them.

" Can i have your phone number?" Harry said.

"Sure." I said.

I gave to him my phone number and he give to me his phone number.

" Bye princess!" Naill said to Marie.

" Bye blue eyes!" Louis said to Marie.

" Bye love!" Zayn said to Marie.

" Bye swetty!" Harry said to Marie kissing her forehead and giving her a hug.

" See you soon Cherry!" Harry said to me smiling.

" Bye Cher!" The rest of them said.

Marie start to cry because of the boys and i tried to calm her down.

" C'mon swetty ! Let's go home!" I said to her and she were doing what i told her to do.

We went home. 

" Mummy!Mummy, when big boys (One Direction) will come to see me ?" Marie said.

"Soon sweety!" I said to her.

It was 11pm so I need to go to bed but Marie didn't wanna sleep. In the same time i was texting Harry.

" Mummy! Mummy, can you call Harry to talk to him and i will promise that i will sleep." Marie said.

" I can't Harry is busy now."  I said to her.

Text to Hazza: You  make Marie so happy today. She wants to spend more time with you. She don't want to sleep.

Text from Hazza: I am happy for her. She will spend more time with me. If you need any  help just call me.xx

My phone start to vibrate. Harry was calling me.

Harry: Hello! Put on speaker as Marie to can hear me.

Me: Okay. I haven't no idea what Harry wanted to do.

Harry:Sweetheart, if you will go to sleep now, tomorrow morning Hazza will have a surprise for you.

Marie: Okay, Good Night.

Hazza: Good Night, sweetheart.


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