Over Again ( Harry Styles fanfict )

Cher is 22 years old. She get divorced because her husband was violent to her and her 3 years old daughter. But she met someone who makes her life and her daughter's life better.


6. Paradise

Cher's  P.O.V.

He kissed me a lots of times. After the dinner we went to my house. It was very late. Harry was driving to my house. We arrive at my house and  we  make us confortable.

" I will go to take a shower." I said.

" Okay." He said.

I went to the bathroom and I take out all my make up and  I undress myself and I get in the bath. I heard a knock on my door.

" Can I enter?" Harry said.

" Why?" I asked.

" I want to wash my hands." He said.

" Just wash your hands and get out from the bathroom okay?" I said.

" Okay." He said.


Harry P.O.V.

I enter in the bathroom I leave the water from the sink to go and I start to undress. When I finish to  undress. I get in the bath were Cher were.

" Harry!! Get out now!! " She shout.

" Why?!" He said.

I hug her and we kissed she put her legs on my waist and I put my hands on her waist. After 25 minutes we get out from the bath and we went to the bedroom. I take Cher like bridal style and I put her in the bed.  I saw lots of tattoos on her skin like about 4.

" You got lots tattos!" I said.

" Yes, I  know." She said.

" I like this one." I said.

" Thanks." She said.

She is  acually too sexy for me.

" I will go to dressing room." She said.

" Okay, sexy." I said.

" Sexy, huh?" She said laughing.

" Yes!! You're sexy !!! You're sexiest woman I ever seen!!! And this is why I love you!!" I shout and smile at her.

" You love me  just because I am sexy?" She asked.

" Not just because you're sexy because of everything." I said.

" Okay."  She said.

After  we went to sleep. We were hugging and I felt asleep.


Naill P.O.V.

I was home with Zayn and  Marie playing. We didn't notice that is late but we were still playing. Marie get tierd and we went to sleep. 


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