Over Again ( Harry Styles fanfict )

Cher is 22 years old. She get divorced because her husband was violent to her and her 3 years old daughter. But she met someone who makes her life and her daughter's life better.


8. Happy again!

Cher's P.O.V. Tom was trying to hit Harry in the face, but he couldn't. He tried so many times and Harry hit him in the eye.

"Go away fucking idiot, if you will touch my family again you will be in trouble." Harry shout at him.

After Harry hit him he left.

" Are you okay?" I asked him.

Marie were in my arms crying.

"Yes." He said to me.

And we hug toghether. Marie were in the middle. Her smile appear on her face again.

"Daddy you are a superhero!" Marie said putting her tiny hands on Harry's neck.

"Love you, swettie!" Harry said to her kissing her forehead.

" I love you too daddy and I love you too mummy!" She said.

She is a such a sweetheart. But the weird thing is that she call Harry daddy anyways the good thing is that Marie is happy with Hazza.

" Daddy, do you love mummy?" Marie said in a sweet way.

" Sure, I do an infinity!" Harry said.

We hug all three again.

" I'm hungry!" I said.

" I cannot believe I heard you saying "I'm hungry"!" Harry said sarcastic.

I'm not eating that much and Harry gets a bit worried that I'm not eating. He said that I don't need to be on diet because I am slim.

"Let's go to eat, then!" Harry said.

We went to the kitchen and we start to eat. Marie start to tell us what have she done with Naill and Zayn. 

"Mummy, I, Naill and Zayn played football and Naill broke the tv!" Marie said.

And we laugh. When we finish to eat Marie went to her room.

"Tomorrow is Marie's birthday and I didn't have time to prepare anything and I need somebody to stay with her.Can you stay with her for about 3 hours today?" I said.

" I got an idea! We can leave Marie with Louis and Eleonor an we can go to prepare I got some great ideas" Harry said. "

"Yeah. Louis and Eleonor will get marry next month! I'm existed!" I said very happy. I am good friends with Eleonor. 

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