Over Again ( Harry Styles fanfict )

Cher is 22 years old. She get divorced because her husband was violent to her and her 3 years old daughter. But she met someone who makes her life and her daughter's life better.


11. Forgive me

Cher P.O.V.

When I went through the living room I saw Harry with a bucket of red roses. I was too nervous but I wanted to know why he didn't come.

- I'm sorry that I didn't come! Harry said.

- You dont need to say sorry to me you need to say sorry to Marie! I said arrogant.

- Don't be arrogant, please! He said to me and I wanted to left the room and he touch my hand.

- Please, stay! Harry said.

He took my hands and he sits on the floor and he took a little red box from his blazer. He open the box and I saw a ring.

- Would you marry me? Harry asked me.

- Mummy say yes say yes daddy is a got boy! Marie whispered to me.

- Yes. I said. 

He put the ring on my finger and he kissed me and he took me and Marie on a hug.

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