Kristin is just an average girl who decides to do something wild with her friends and ends up in an interesting situation.

Harry's just your average One Direction member but when he falls for an American girl what will the fans think?


10. Secrets

*Day after the Club* 

Last night the club was very.. interesting. 

Let's recap. 

I had maybe a  little.. too much to drink. Me and Perrie walked outside to get some fresh air. We walked and  I tripped on the curb. I fell down and I think I broke  my leg. Perrie called all the boys out and they rushed  to us. Harry picked me up and called Paul so he could take us to the emergency room. 

We arrived about 15 minutes later and Harry got me out of the car. The nurse came and took me into a room.

"Okay love what's your name?" The sweet sounding older lady asked. I looked across the room at the boys. 

They were all looking at me waiting for my response. 

"Uhm, Kristin Rene Payne.." I said quietly. All of there eyes widened.

"Okay Ms.Payne we'll have a doctor in here soon" She said and walked out. I looked over  to the  boys who were  still shocked.

"Kristin,  love what's  your last name?" Liam asked

"P-Payne" I stuttered.

Harry's eyes widened.

"Would you like to tell us all what's happening?" Louis asked concerned.

"Okay, from what I know, Liam and I have the same father. My- our dad put me  up for adoption and I got put with a family in Florida when I was 2, surprise?" I said. I shouldn't have told them.

They all looked at each other shocked.

"So, your my sister? I have another sister" Liam muttered. 

*Present  Time* 

So yeah, that's what happened last night. Now I have a cast on my leg and a brother. Liam's supposed to come over so we  could talk about it. 

He  just knocked on the door. I opened it. 

"Hey" He said looking down at the ground.

"Hey, come  in" I said.

He walked in and sat on the couch 

"So, uhm basically your my brother that I barely know" I said

"I knew I had another sister.. I just didn't know it was you.."  He muttered

"Does Harry hate me?" I asked. I could feel the tears swelling  in my eyes.

"What? How could he hate you? He's just confused" Liam said pulling me in for a hug. I sobbed into his shirt

"So is this your place?" He asked looking around.

"For now. I have  no where else to live.." I said.

"Yes you do, I talked to Dani.. would you like to live with us?"  He asked.

"Liam I-" He cut me  off

"Your family, and family means no one gets left behind" he said  with a warm smile 

"Nice quoting" I teased  

"Okay, c'mon. I already paid for the room. Go pack your stuff" He smiled

I walked into the room and put all my stuff into a bag. It  felt like  I was starting a new  life. 

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