Kristin is just an average girl who decides to do something wild with her friends and ends up in an interesting situation.

Harry's just your average One Direction member but when he falls for an American girl what will the fans think?


8. New Beginnings

Harrys POV:  

I was sad  I had to leave Sleeping Beauty all alone this morning. I wanted to stay there forever  holding her in my arms. She was so peaceful when she slept. After the interview me and Louis  decided to go get some Starbucks. 

"So Haz, how's Kristin?" Louis asked. I looked down at my smoothie and smiled.

"She's good"  I said. Every time her name was mentioned I felt giddy.

"You really like her, don't you mate?" He said again.

"Yeah, I do. It doesn't feel like  just another fling.  I don't just wanna sleep with her and move on. I think I may love her" I rambled on. Every word I said was true. She made me feel like a new person.

"What about when she goes back home?" 

It had just hit me. She can't leave. I need her here with me. I wouldn't be able to survive without her.

Just then my phone rang. It was Kristin, I answered immediately.

"Hello"  I said into the phone

"HARRY! Guess what?" She asked excitedly. I laughed into the phone.

"What love?" I asked curious

"Dani asked me if I wanted to come audition for a spot on their dance  company!" She practically screamed into the phone.  This was perfect. Maybe she would get the spot and stay!

"That's great love!" I replied my ears still ringing.

"I would also like you to know when I got home today I got questioned about last night" She said sarcastically.

"Oh really? What did your friends  say?" I asked.

"They thought we had sex. We did not  have sex" She said.

"Ok, I gotta go. See you soon!" I said and signed off. I looked over to Louis who was playing on his phone.

"Was that her?" He asked

"Yeah, she may stay" I said happily

"How?" He asked

"Dancing. She was  offered  an audition" I said he nodded and we headed off. I really hoped she got the job  

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