Kristin is just an average girl who decides to do something wild with her friends and ends up in an interesting situation.

Harry's just your average One Direction member but when he falls for an American girl what will the fans think?


4. I gotta have you

Harry's POV:  

"You" I whispered. Just then our  food came. She blushed, That made her even more beautiful. Her long brown hair was curled and she had died the ends red which I liked. She had crystal blue eyes and tan skin. She was unique.

"So do you have any tattoos?" I asked

"I actually have 6" She said excited. I guess she really liked her  tattoos? 

"What are they?" I asked becoming more curious. She showed her arms. 

"Well, On my left wrist I have 'Warrior' and on my right wrist I have 'Je taime'. Behind my ear I have a cross. On my ribs it says 'My mind is a warrior, My heart is a foreigner' and then on my hip it's  an anchor and says 'I refuse to sink'  and then I have an infinity sign on my neck that says 'Young' like forever young" She said with a smile. I could tell she was passionate about all of her tattoos which I liked. I told her about all of my tattoos as we ate. We talked about our family and all of the stuff we were into. She was very nice and  funny. We finished our food and we decided to walk around in the park. We held hands and walked around. She  was perfect, everything I ever wanted. It was almost 10:00 and I decided to walk  her back to her hotel room. I walked her to the door.

"I had a great time tonight" I said

"Me too" Kristin smiled. Her teeth were perfectly straigt

"Maybe we could do it again sometime?" I asked hoping she'd say yes

"I  would love to" She looked down at the floor and smiled 

I tilted her head up and looked into her eyes. Her cheeks blushed a bright color of red. I leaned in and kissed her. Our lips felt like they were meant to be together. All of a sudden I heard to girl's voices screaming

"GET YOU SOME KRISTIN!" One of her friends poked her head out of the door and screamed. The other one whooped. I chuckled. 

"I should get going" She giggled.

"I'll text you" I said and hugged her good bye. Something about her was magical and I loved it.  

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