Kristin is just an average girl who decides to do something wild with her friends and ends up in an interesting situation.

Harry's just your average One Direction member but when he falls for an American girl what will the fans think?


1. Vacation

Kristin's POV: 

"Girl, I think we need a vacation" My friend Michaela said. 

She was right. Everyone was so stressed out. Over the past week my job had been harder for what it could be. 

"I think your right" I replied.

"Then go pack your bags" She turned to me and motioned for me to go pack a bag. This was going to be good. I ran upstairs to my room and pulled down my bags from my closet. I shoved almost everything I owned in them and zipped them up. I hurried back downstairs to find Michaela and my other friend Hailey waiting for  me.

"C'mon slow poke!" Hailey said.

We rushed down to the airport and looked at all the flights.

"We could go to Paris? Or how about Mexico? Oh I know.. London!"  I said loudly trying to get them to hear me over the hustle and bustle going on in the airport.

"YES!" They both screamed at the same time. 

This was going to be a fun vacation. Three American girls wondering around London. What kind of trouble could we get in there?  

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