Hate and love is closer than you think

I hated him. I always has and always will. We both have hated each other since we were born and thats the way it always will be. It's our destiny! could it change with time?


7. What have I done!??

"Please...I'm begging you Destiny, tell me now....I will find out either this way or another" the person said.

"I'm sorry Lou...I lied" I said, more like a whisper.

"Destiny... I thought you trusted me," Louis said, tears starting to fill his eyes. He's doing it again! That look that make you feel so guilty about anything and everything.

"Don't you trust me after all we been thought? What about 3 years ago?" Louis said and a tear fell down his cheek. And why did he have to bring that up!?

It's now or never. "I lied this morning when me and Harry fighted." I whispered and hoped he didn't hear, but of course he heard.

"What??! Do I even want to know the rest??" He raised his voice now and it honestly started to scare me.
I didn't answer him, instead I found my shoes very interesting.

"Destiny... You. Need. To. Tell. Me. Now!" Louis said slower and calmer this time. 'Here it goes' I thought to myself and took a deep breath before I started to speak.

"I faked the tears." This time I looked up and met his eyes. They flashed with emotions. Hurt, betrayal and disbelief. I opened my mouth to say something but closed it shortly after when nothing came out. And this was ofcourse the best time for his bandmates to interrupt.

"LOUIS! WE HAVE TO GO NOW! GET OVER HERE!" Liam yelled. Both me and Louis turned around, or more like Louis 'cause I was already standing his way.

"COMING!" Louis screamed back and then turned back to me.

"I can't believe I trusted you, I have never ever seen you cry and when you do it, it's just fake." Louis said with tears streaming down his face.

"Louis please I sh-" I got cut off this time.

"Save it. I need to go now, I'm sorry." Louis said but the last part got out as a whisper, obviously he didn't want me to hear it. After that he ran back to his friends, leaving me crying for real.
What have I done?!

I'm so sorry! I have been really busy with school and everything but I promise to try to update at least once-a-week. This chapter suck but I had a major writers-block and neither me or Magda knew how we wanted to start with this chapter, but here it is!
Xx Natha
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