Hate and love is closer than you think

I hated him. I always has and always will. We both have hated each other since we were born and thats the way it always will be. It's our destiny! could it change with time?


8. tears...


I dried my tears and started to walk back to my room but when I was in the hallway that lead to my room I met Lisa and Teresa.


''hey! What are you doing here? You should already be at the dinner. We're late! So hurry up!'' lisa said a bit stressed.


''but hurry up then!'' I said and started running against the dinning room.


They followed close behind and we arrived at the dinner room in no time. We took our food and sat down at the only seats left, and of course they needed too be at the table next too the one Louis and his friends sat at and of course harry was there too. I looked at them one by one. Niall tried to stuck every little bit of his food in his mouth at the same time, Zayn was flirting with the girl next to him (by the way she was a fangirling slut), Liam was typing something on his phone. The I came to Harry, he was snogging a girl at the same time he was giving me evil stares. And when I came to Louis I couldn’t hold it in any more, I started too cry, but not the kind of cry that make a noise. The tears just fell down my cheeks without any sound. But then I remember that he left me to be on Harry's side and as you know I hate him, so why would I care? I shouldn't right? Or should I?



sorry for the bad updating. but here are a short chapter for you guys. the next one is coming soon

xx magda

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