Hate and love is closer than you think

I hated him. I always has and always will. We both have hated each other since we were born and thats the way it always will be. It's our destiny! could it change with time?


4. I won ;)

‘’Louis who is that?’’ A guy behind Louis said. We broke away from the hug and Louis locked at the guy confused. But then he came back to reality and answered the guy.

‘’Oh sorry Zayn, this is Destiny. Destiny this is Zayn, Liam and Niall.’’  He said and pointed at each of them. And know I understand who they where they where those boys ho where on the poster wit Harry. But then he must be here.

‘’And that’s Harry’’ Louis said and pointed at the curly-haired bastard who stood a couple of meters away. I froze and I know Louis saw the chock in my eyes because he tried to talk to me but I couldn’t move, think or do anything at that moment, until harry spoke.

‘’Destiny? What the hell are you doing here?’’ He said to me whit his sassy voice, pulling me out from my chock.

‘’I’m going to school here!’’ I snapped back at him.

‘’Do you know each other?’’ Louis asked confused.

‘’You can say so’’ I said to him nicely

‘’How?’’ Liam asked with the same confusion in his voice

‘’He used to live across the street from my house, and we also went to the same schools. But we weren’t friends at all!!’’ I said to Liam

‘’Why weren’t you friends?’’ Niall asked sweetly

‘’Because she is a self-loving attention whore! Just like her mother and her whole family!! She is a girl you should never trust, if you don’t want to be stabbed in the back!!’’ Harry yelled in Niall’s face.

‘’Then we haven’t even started on you harry!! You are the sort of person who think that he can say whatever he want, and that everybody just going to except that! But it’s time for you to know THEY DON’T!!’’ I yelled back at him and then started to cry. Louis hugged me and gave harry and gave harry an evil glance.

‘’Why are you on her side? You don’t even know her!’’ Harry said angrily to Louis.

‘’I know her very well. And I also know that she never and then I mean NEVER cry! And if she cries now you have done something very wrong Harry! So if you excuse me I’m going to look after my friend’’ Louis said and we started walking towards the school building. When we walked by harry I blinked at him and whispered

’I think I won’’. He just looked at me chocked and then gave me an evil glare and whispered back,

’it isn’t over yet’’.


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