Hate and love is closer than you think

I hated him. I always has and always will. We both have hated each other since we were born and thats the way it always will be. It's our destiny! could it change with time?


6. I just can't.....

Louis POV:

I have no idea what to do now. By some reason Destiny fainted and has been out for about 10 minutes I think. Suddenly my phone goes off. I look at the ID caller and it's Liam.

''Hello?'' I say

''Louis where are you??!'' I hear Liam say, or more like scream, in the other end.

''I'm in one of the room's in this school''

''Which room? We're coming there now.''

''Umm...Room 1037 on floor 4'' i say 

''Ugh We're there in about 5 minutes'' Liam says before he hangs up. Well. This should be interesting. Harry and Destiny, and me and probably the other boys to, in the same room. I would loooove to see what happens next...not the sarcasm.

And right on time, 5 minutes later there's a knock on the door so I open it and hope it isn't any fan right now....I can't say this is any better. I'm greeted by 4 mad face's by the names Niall, Zayn, Liam and Harry. 

''Is something wrong?'' I ask but I'm pretty sure I know what they are mad at. 

''YOU!'' Harry screams, clearly irritated by me, in my face and he and the others walk in and shut the door. 

 ''shhhhhh! what was that noise?'' Liam said. I turned around and saw that Destiny where on her way to wake up. me and all of the boys stood around the bed. except harry he where standing by the door. suddenly she opened her beautiful eyes and stared at us confused.


Destinys pov.

woke up to see 8 eyes look at me. I was lying on my bed, and Louis and 3 of his friends from that band was sitting around my bed and staring at me.




''What are you doing here?'' I asked a bit confused.



''you fainted. Don't you remember?'' Louis said


''no I don't. Why did I do that?'' I asked more confused then before


''I don't know. We where just sitting here and you where talking about something you had done to harry this morning.'' Louis said


''ooh that... now I remember.'' I said and everything came back to me.


''so what was it you would say before you passed out?'' he asked me curiously


''ooh........that......eh......nothing.....'' I said scared that he wouldn’t trust me.


''I doesn't look like its 'nothing'! You fucking fainted so it can't be 'NOTHING'!!!'' he almost screamed, but Liam calmed him down.


''sorry but I can't tell you.''


''why not??'' Louis asked


''I just can't!!'' I yelled at him. Then I ran to the door and saw that Harry had stood there al the time. in this moment I couldn't care less. I ran out of the school and I to the forest that was on the back of the school.

I ran and ran until I fell on the cold hard ground. I stood up from the ground and tried to catch my breath, when I heard a person behind me......




I'm so sorry! I just have bin so busy whit school and other stuff in my life, so yeah. I hope that I will publish a new chapter soon. XX Magda


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