Hate and love is closer than you think

I hated him. I always has and always will. We both have hated each other since we were born and thats the way it always will be. It's our destiny! could it change with time?


2. Back to reality

I was in my room packing my stuff because later this afternoon I would leave home and go to a boarding school in Doncaster. I was a bit terrified by the thought of leaving home. But at the same time I was exited because the boarding school had a special program for singing, dancing, theater, music and art. I could finally leave this place. To my luck my lirritating neighbour had moved to London about a year ago after he had finished third on the X factor with his bandmates and became really popular. I don't watch the X factor really often but I did one time when my family was at a friends house and that happend to be on the final 2010. You can guess my reaction when I found out that THE Harry Styles was in a boyband called 'One Direction' and came third place. Apparantly girls loved them, especially Harry, how can they??! Oh right, Harry is soooo nice and caring (note my sarcasm) but they are so wrong about that.

Enough about him, about 1 year after I finished freshman year in high school, I came into a boarding school called 'The Royal Academy Of Arts' in Doncaster so it was about an hour or so drive there. I'm now 18 years old and I've passed my driving licence so I got my own car and can drive where I want. I've wanted to go on that school since I found out about it, but you it's really hard to get accepted because many people are trying to get in their, and it's are age limited. I have to be there 3pm sharp and its now 1:35pm so I have to go if I'm going to make it in time! (A/N: I have no idea how long time it takes to drive from Holmes Chapel to Doncaster 'cause I don't live in the UK and I have never been there) 

At The Royal Academy Of Arts:

Me and maybe 100-200 more studens, girls and boys, was in the extremly big lobby of the boarding school. We were  all waiting for the headmaster to come down now so we can find out which room your'e going to stay in and who is going to be your'e roommates. Right on time the headmaster come's followed by some other people, probarly mostly teachers. 

"Welcome to The Royal Academy Of Arts! I'm the headmaster of this school and you can all call me Mr.Jones. It's a pleasure to meet you all and to have you here in this school! We hope your'e going to feel at home here and have fun and ofcourse learn alot here! If you just grab a paper over there on the desc of the reception, you will find out on which floor and room you're staying at and who your'e rommates are. Thank you and have fun here!"

With that our headmaster Mr.Jones left and everyone started to take a paper, but ofcourse everyone wanted to find out fast so everyone started pushing 'cause they was curios where and with who they were staying. I got one pretty fast and my room was 'room 1037, floor 4' so I started walking there.

I finally found it and inside it was 5 beds with 1 wardrobe to each, three bathrooms and some other furniture. I picked a bed at the wall and was soon joined by my four rommates. They where 2 blond, 1 brown and 1 black haired girls. One of the blond girls introduce herself as Lisa, she was middle height and middle skinny. Then the girl with black hair introduce herself as Teresa, she was short and bigger build. Then the second blond girl introduce herself as Ashley styles, She said that she called herself that because some day Harry would understand that she was the only girl in his dreams. After that she introduce the brown haired girl as her best friend Addison, both of the girls where tall and very skinny, and with that I mean VERY skinny. We all started to pack up and after that we started to decorate the room with posters and pictures of family and friends. Everything was going great until Ashley put up a poster of One Direction. I couldn't take my eyes from the curly haired bastard on the poster. I just stood there like a freak until I fell too the floor and everything went black.

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