started with a death

kittalin died of a hole in her heart. the day she dies she meets him. calvin the alpha. Calvin was a player before he watched his mate kittalin die the moment he meets her. Fate lets her have another shot at life all healed up and ready to go. she thought she would not run into complications but that's when they come into this…did fate want her to use her as its pawn?


6. Trusting Max







This rad red diary is not a diary its a book of thoughts made into a letter for my mate

to think of me when he needs to and to keep on holding when im gone

Because I can see that my death will come again.

only this time I will leave calvin with more than 3 words ill leave him with a million and one memories and words.

Love your mate katt.

I sighed wow my life sounds like I was made to make sad sappy story.

I hide my journal in the creaky floor board under the bed frame.

And I wrote a note to be held until my time comes so calvin can know my thoughts once I'm gone.

There was a crash sounding in my room so I ran up there to check if some one was there

i found a rock with a note taped on it and it smelled of death


we will be watching you don't tell your mate or we will kill him before you can yell out to him.

don't bring another early grave

ill come for you

till then

love, you know who

the note was holding a bag full of red hair that smelled like my sisters.

did they kill her i thought max was looking after her?



Maria Fireston

My older sister

Might be died and Max her mate was supposed to protect her

Max Sanders

I knew who took her and maybe killed her.

She was gone because of me, just because I wanted to see what the inside of a club looked like.  I was like the rest of the students at my school fake ids and sneaking into clubs like the club Karma.

Thats what hit me while my back was turned.

(2 years ago)


"Kat how bout you day me and you get out of here and go to the Roamal?"


The Roamal was a almost 2 star hotel in the bad part of town it cost abound fifteen dollars to spend a night in the crappy place.  It was a place for teens to hook up and leave their prom date naked in the middle of the night.  It was also where kids drunk abusive parents go to shack up or "get away" meaning they were finally leaving the poor suckers.

"yah stranger I would really love if you shut the fuck up and stop grinding on me its gross!"  I yelled at the old 32 year old

"Oh well I guess I would have to move on to that chick over there see if she wants a turn with the master."  He said while pointing at Maria her sister

"She will never go for you shes my sister so if you want to live to see tomorrow id watch your dick."

I growled at him my wolf was raising higher.  But since I had just turned less then a week ago it would take little to make me shift and kill you in a second.  Its like when you see the girls on there monthly and they get mood swings.  Not like I did all I got was cramps and they only lasted for a whole day.

"Ill see what she thinks."

I ran over to her ripping her away from his view and rushed her out the door to a park across the street.  Maria was looking at me shocked. 


"What the hell Kat?!"

"Maria that guy was going to get you and take you away just like he would of with me.  He is friends with our father!"  I yelled at her and she became ash white when I talked of our dad.  It was funny becuase her skin showed her natural yellow tinge in her skin making her look like she rolled around in lemons.

(end of flash back)

"Maria shes been taken and they left a note from them and its all my fault!"  I sobbed in Calvins arm.  I was acting weak and that would not bring her back home or her new home.

"Who are you talking about love?"  Calvin said in her ear

"My sister and they might have taken max to!  Max is Marias mate" 


"DING DONG!!!!!"  The door bell rang and I went to the door only for it to ring again.

"Im coming hold your horses!!!"  I yelled over the ringing.

I pulled the door open and I was shocked to say the least.  Then I was mad I was seeing red like im pissed.

"Max where is my sister!"


About a hour later he told us what happend.

My sister was taken in the middle of a war with the hunters and my father.

It was all a set up so he can take her.

The guy I met at the club was working with my father this whole time they were trying to capture me that night by using the guys "CARMS"  yah like that guy looked carmfull

So now we are going to go on a trip to bring my sister back.

Or as Calvin said we are just the back up while Max will go inside to get Maria from the evil guy.





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