started with a death

kittalin died of a hole in her heart. the day she dies she meets him. calvin the alpha. Calvin was a player before he watched his mate kittalin die the moment he meets her. Fate lets her have another shot at life all healed up and ready to go. she thought she would not run into complications but that's when they come into this…did fate want her to use her as its pawn?


5. Threats


Kittalins pov-

Its almost Halloween and Ive been here for a week or so and last night Calvin meet my mother and she was very happy.

Cindy (Calvins mother) was talking to my mom about us having kids soon. Its a bit scary don't get me wrong I would love to have Calvins baby's. But they were talking about me having about 14 kids! They are messed up in the head.

Calvin is supposed to go on a trip in a day or two. He will be in Miami to attend to a alpha meeting about the red blood moon pack. They are getting stronger but the alpha is missing his daughter who is my age.

All of the girls my age are being protected by our mates till the threat is controlled. Meaning when the alpha is dead but when the girls are not with there mates they are being guarded in the pack house that has like 48 guards around it.

Its very aggravating when you walk out of the door you have to be followed.

I cant even go to the book store to get another journal when I found out I finished the one from the hospital gift room.

I guess i have to get one today because I NEED to write down some of my thoughts. I'm beginning to go crazy.

"CALVIN WE NEED TO GO TO THE STORE SOON!!!" I yelled which I did not need to do because hes alpha and he can hear a mile away but the room was sound proof and I closed the door when I came up from lunch.


I smiled and ran down the stairs like my tail was on fire.

When I got to the garage I looked over the first row of cars and saw that the cherry red mustang was on so I jumped in and buckled my seat belt.

"Nice ride," I noted that he was wearing sport gear. " Um what are you wearing?"

"Well I am the captain of the football team...." He made me finish with my own thoughts.

oh so he was wearing a Jersey it suits him....hmmm I wonder what he would look like with a suit on.

"So where do you need me to drive you?"

"Oh I need to go to target to get some things," Should I tell him about my journals? NO "Maybe some girly things to."

"Girly things?" He had his head cocked to the side like a lost puppy

"Do I need to tell you everything or can you just make a simple guess?"

He just huffed

oh our mate is so cute when hes frustrated!

a voice in my head said. Wait am I going crazy. FML JUST SEND ME TO THE SYCO HOSPITAL NOW!

Shut up your not crazy... not that much either way I'm not that crazy your a wolf for heavens sakes.

The voice talked again

"babe I got my wolf she thinks your cute"

"Im not cute im a man! Tell your wolf brandon cant wait to show you how much of a man he is" I shivered.... WAIT BRANDON?!

"who the heck is that?!" I yelled at calvin hoping it would get in his head

" Chill its just my wolf"

ohhh what a great name

my "wolf" commented

whats your name Wolfie

my name is bell

hmm bellie haha you have a belly I joked around with my wolf

I'm not a dog I'm a wolf what if i called you a kitten?

I stopped laughing

Next thing you know I'm skipping down targets isle singing live while were young by one direction( ahhhh yummy )

people are giving me weird looks haha creeps. They wish they had my voice.

you sound like a dying cat kitten

I growled

"Shut up you stupid wolf we share the same voice you know"

she was quite. ha serves her

I continued passing the barbie isle (eww fake alert)

then I passes the music isle WAIT WHAT

I ran back and got the new Luke Brian CD and another 1d magazine by the way

Then I went to the school thingy isle and saw journals so I went to the sparkly one


I chose RED because red is rad lol

Fast forward

I am now at home putting my things away so I picked up the journal


18 OCTOBER 2012


Dear calvin,

Its been a while since I wrote in a journal. We met with my mother the other night. Me and Cal.

Calvin is my mate hes nice and caring.

Everything my father is not.

I remember when my father told me my mate would never want me I cried when he told me that.

That night I cried my self to sleep.

The morning after we left I was little but I undersood why we left.

My mother was never his mate she was kidnapped my him and he mated her wishing for a male.

He got me instead.

My mom has been searching for her TRUE MATE ever since.

Who knows maybe her life will be like a princess tale where the evil witch(my father) will die. And the princess( mother) will live happily ever after

Only one can hope.

Any way CALVIN I have so many secrets from him its not funny. like how my heart had a hole in it.

Why my dads not around. What pack I belonged to.

But im only causing him harm when the time comes I will have to run from him like I ran away from father.

So this is why im making this journal/ diary its a book of WHYS

For why I cant have kids with him

Why I will run

Why my mom hates the simplest touch

and why I love calvin

This rad red diary is not a diary its a book of thoughts made into a letter for my mate

to think of me when he needs to and to keep on holding when im gone

Because I can see that my death will come again.

only this time I will leave calvin with more than 3 words ill leave him with a million and one memories and words.

Love your mate katt.

I sighed wow my life sounds like I was made to make sad sappy story.

I hide my journal in the creaky floor board under the bed frame.

And I wrote a note to be held until my time comes so calvin can know my thoughts once I'm gone.

There was a crash sounding in my room so I ran up there to check if some one was there

i found a rock with a note taped on it and it smelled of death


we will be watching you don't tell your mate or we will kill him before you can yell out to him.

don't bring another early grave

ill come for you

till then

love you know who

the note was holding a bag full of red hair that smelled like my sisters.

did they kill her i thought max was looking after her?


sorry if its a little off but i needed to add a little more action so i can make it more readable



Read, Heart, and fan





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