started with a death

kittalin died of a hole in her heart. the day she dies she meets him. calvin the alpha. Calvin was a player before he watched his mate kittalin die the moment he meets her. Fate lets her have another shot at life all healed up and ready to go. she thought she would not run into complications but that's when they come into this…did fate want her to use her as its pawn?


3. New Life


Kittalin's pov (right after she died)

i feel like im floating on cloud nine(not like the song)

I'm in a park almost to the swings so i walk over and sit on them

then i remember it all my dysfunctional heart and my mate who watched me die not even knowing each others names.

"his name is Calvin sweet heart" a voice said behind me

"who's name?" i whispered feeling confused yet again

"Calvin is your mate the one the fates and i the Luna gave to you to help you when the time comes.but you left him all alone. why?" the lady said while walking in front of me so i can see her face

"i was sick my heart was dieing" i said in a sad voice

"then go back to him he needs your help young child" she said as though it was an easy task rising from the dead

"how " was my one word answer

she started walking to the pond while her white dress flowed in the wind and her golden hair moving to the left.

she stepped into the pond it surrounded her till she was gone and the moon appeared in the sky the one in  the pond almost telling me to go in the murky water.

like following the silent command my legs took me to the edge of the water when my chest sparked with electricity tying to reset my cold dead heart.

i saw a flash of gold like my mothers hair slash through my vision and a brown set of eyes filled with water tears running down the mans face. the same face of my alive mates and that's all it took for me to jump head first into the water.

Calvins pov

my dead mate was alive 32 minutes ago 32 minutes without her heart beating and Ive never stopped crying like a baby

"cal? wheres Calvin?" my brother spoke in the room next to me and my dead mate

the door opened and i saw Mitch standing there with a hospital gown looking pissed

then he looked at Kittalins dead body and my tear streaked face and he ran over and trapped me in a bear hug.

when he let go i sat back down and snugged my head in Kittalins neck to keep her body warm

"cal you have to let her family know about her be-"

my brother stopped talking because we heard a moan under my head

i kept telling my brain to stop hurting my heart with stupid fairy tales of happy ever afters

"Calvin?..." i did not answer the trick of my brain or her voice that i only knew once

" that's your name right dim wit?" the voice said again

i raised my head to remind my brain its not true and i saw my mate, back from the dead but still looking pale.

i just stared at her in shock

"wow Calvin cant even answer your mate can you even if shes pretty?" Micheal said causing me to growl at him through my teeth

then i heard her moan under her breath so only i can hear her.

"babe how is this....DOCTOR Micheal get the doctor now" i used my alpha tone with him

this only causing her to moan another time

"Calvin stop please get off" she said while looking in my eyes

i jumped off her before she finished her sentence

"are you okay? did i hurt you?ill get the doc-" i was cut off with her lips on mine and i felt the tingles grow to a fire spreading around my body

i groaned when she leaned away

"I'm fine please don't use that voice again" she said as she was regaining her breath back.

"why does it scare you?" i asked while she turned a deep red

"oh i get it you like my alpha tone don't you?" i teased while she became even redder

i heard someone clear there throat and i turned to see my brother

"so are we going to get the doc or let her stay like that waiting till she dies again?" he said really loud

"DOC ROOM 100 NOW!" i yelled

I heard foot steps running to the room and fast

"whats all this about the patient in this room is-" the nurse that woke me up earlier saw my very alive mate.

"OH MY LORD! " the red head guy with freckles that were really light yelled(BTW I'm not dissing gingers my friend is one)

"shut up and check if I'm ok and if i need to stay in this hell hole any longer! Chop Chop! I'm not getting any younger!"

with that being said from my mate everyone started checking on her seeing if she was ok.

through out the whole time the nurse that woke me kept staring at me i could feel her scanning my body head to toe.

it disgusted me.


after they all left she fell asleep on the bed ALIVE





Read, Heart, and fan








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