started with a death

kittalin died of a hole in her heart. the day she dies she meets him. calvin the alpha. Calvin was a player before he watched his mate kittalin die the moment he meets her. Fate lets her have another shot at life all healed up and ready to go. she thought she would not run into complications but that's when they come into this…did fate want her to use her as its pawn?


9. Happy New Family and More?


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"The shot they gave you makes you weak and unable to reach your wolf. Oh and my fathers name is Greg the alpha of the Red Blood pack."

No fucking way shit shit shit

That's my father

Is this guy my brother?


"Umm yes wait that would mean we are brother and sister. Shit we have to leave now if we wanna get you out UN harmed."

"Wow why does he want me to be safe the only time he cared about me was when I was not dying or trying to have a life."

He walked behind me and cut the rope.(lol like the iphone game:)

Then he picked me up and set me on his back.

"Wow my brother has a bubble butt." I was now poking his big tush haha it wobbles.

"Your butt fat is moving!" Ha oppsie I said that out loud.

"Shut up if you want to live oh and act like your sleeping or better yet fall asleep so this can be easier."

My brother touched my neck and I fell right to sleep while he carried me to who knows where.

Kittalins pov

I woke up again in a dark place but this time it smelled like a bunch of flowers and my mothers scent


I waited for about 5 minutes till I heard people moving around waling closer to the room I was held in.

Since the light was better meaning my eyes were adjusted to the little light.

I was able to see the outlines of things.

No one was in the room so that made me feel ten times better than me staying with some crazy person like last time.

The door was opened and my mother stepped inside and turned on the lights.

"Mother they have you to?!"

"No we are with your father and brothers house now and I just called Calvin and he will be here soon like a hour or two."

I missed her after being away for who knows how long.

"I thought they took Calvin to?"

"No he got injured and the doctor fixed him up he only has one scar that wont go away."

Oh no hes hurt and we never helped him get better.,

Next thing you know I let out a whimper.

"oh no hes ok he healed up just lat night.  You have been gone for about three days."

Crap three days that's like nine meals I missed!!!  I'm sooooooooo hungry.

Just the thought of food made my tummy growl like a bear.

My mom laughed and walked out the room saying that she will bring up food soon.

hmmmmm I'm bored now....

Holy tatoes there's a laptop on the bed side.

I wonder if it needs a password.

So I turned on the laptop and it went automatically to face book.

"Yes take that Jessica Warbles!"

(Jessica warbles is a snot noise brat I know in real life)

I scrolled down my home page and saw  Calvin was on so I went to his messages and sent him something.





Hey Calvin I'm ok how long do you have till your here at my dads house or where ever I'm at?



CALVIN~  I'm almost there did you just wake up or what?



No I just got done talking to my mother



CALVIN~ OK now go eat and skype me soon


My mother came in with my food and I skyped Calvin until he came to my fathers house to bring me home.

One hour later...

Calvin came in the door not even knocking once.


He was wearing a white shirt that looked really worn and black pants that also looked like they were slept in and his hair looked like he never brushed it.

He even had dried blood on the tips on his hair and shoes.

He looked awful and smelled worse then 2 week old road kill.


He came in for a hug Ewwww

"EW you smell funny go take a shower and we will talk!"

His face fell and I felt really bad

"I'm sorry Cal but you smell worse than road kill and skunk together."

Now his eyes held a spark..Love nahh

He could never love me.

my life is do messed up its crazy.

I was so lost in my thoughts that when I came out of them I heard the water in the shower stop.

Well don't I know how to space out or what?

"Oh Calvin ill leave the room and fix you smoothing to eat is that ok?"

"Sure make sure to be ready to go outside though like jacket and everything."

"Ok I'll meet you at the front door then."

I ran down the stairs only to meet my father by slamming into him on the bottom step.

"Dad I'll talk to you later ok I have to make Calvin food!"

When I came into the kitchen I shoved a hot pocket in the toaster and when it was done I got a bottle of water and put it on a tray.

Then I headed out the front door and Calvin was sitting half asleep snoring like and angel.

Awwww he looks so peaceful and cute.


I yelled at him and he hit his head on the railing....



He picked me up bridal style and ran to the bridge in the woods.

"Kittalin when I met you it was only seconds before you died and it broke my heart that I never got a chance to know you for you.  Then well I got to know your laugh, the way you giggle when someone trips, your fears, your bravery, your smile, and how a guy like me who had nothing to lose gained everything to protect in just moments.  I want to be together forever and have a thousand kids and name them silly names.  But I ONLY want them to be with you not some bimbo that humps and dumps.  But with someone who puts the moon and the stars to second place."

He got down one knee and.........................





Sorry but love you guys.


anyone reading out there?  I wanna know what you think of the story!





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