started with a death

kittalin died of a hole in her heart. the day she dies she meets him. calvin the alpha. Calvin was a player before he watched his mate kittalin die the moment he meets her. Fate lets her have another shot at life all healed up and ready to go. she thought she would not run into complications but that's when they come into this…did fate want her to use her as its pawn?


10. Dragon Lillies and Rings


(review on last chapter)

I ran down the stairs only to meet my father by slamming into him on the bottom step.

"Dad I'll talk to you later ok I have to make Calvin food!"

When I came into the kitchen I shoved a hot pocket in the toaster and when it was done I got a bottle of water and put it on a tray.

Then I headed out the front door and Calvin was sitting half asleep snoring like and angel.

Awwww he looks so peaceful and cute.


I yelled at him and he hit his head on the railing....


He picked me up bridal style and ran to the bridge in the woods.

"Kittalin when I met you it was only seconds before you died and it broke my heart that I never got a chance to know you for you. Then well I got to know your laugh, the way you giggle when someone trips, your fears, your bravery, your smile, and how a guy like me who had nothing to lose gained everything to protect in just moments. I want to be together forever and have a thousand kids and name them silly names. But I ONLY want them to be with you not some bimbo that humps and dumps. But with someone who puts the moon and the stars to second place."

He got down one knee and.........................

(New Chappie)

December 30, 2012.

That's what the last invite said when I shipped it off last month.

Yes today I will be marred to Calvin Aden Kalhone alpha of the Redmoon pack and my mate.

Everyone has been going crazy this whole time with the wedding plans.

Even Cindy and my mother went to taste cakes with me a week ago.

Yes everything was done in a month despite that im about to go off my rocker.

I would not think that even the elders did not go mad.

Calvin has been gone since the 26 becuase we are waiting till the wedding is over till we officaily mate.

His wolf and mine are driving us crazy so now he has come back from who knows where in Texas.

Well now that I'm ready and all there is only a few minutes till I'm heading down the isle maybe going to trip in front of everyone and the alphas that came from all around the world.

I was shoved into the room with the makeup people and my hair has been waxed, cut, and styled.

When the people were done I put on my dress and here I am.

(10 minutes later)

I was heading down the isle I did not look up once because if I do I'll fall or something.

When I got up to the steps I looked up and there was Calvin with a black tux and a tie to match my sash on my dress.

He looked at me with so much love I almost died right there.

I would have been a really happy girl if I did.

after our vows and pictures we went and danced for a while and we ate the cake.

Now it was time to throw the flowers.

I put my heels on the line and I smelled the dragon lillies one more time and I tossed the flowers overmy head.

When I saw who caught it their eyes were closed and when she opened them she looked at a guy an blushed but she never looked away.

Then I knew Alison Elkly had found her mate on my wedding day.

The night went on like other wedding nights....


The End

Lol just kidding





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