started with a death

kittalin died of a hole in her heart. the day she dies she meets him. calvin the alpha. Calvin was a player before he watched his mate kittalin die the moment he meets her. Fate lets her have another shot at life all healed up and ready to go. she thought she would not run into complications but that's when they come into this…did fate want her to use her as its pawn?


8. Brothers and Dreams


re cap on last chapter

That's when the shit hit the fan.


Everything seemed to go in slow motion.

A group of 6 came up on Sam, Dean , and Sophie.

While almost a pair of wolves attacked each wolf.

The blood was blending in with the flowers.

The body's lay limp and I just stood there like a lamp post.

I was watching them my new pack get slaughtered by rouges.

When I finally came to a brown wolf came out and started attacking each of the enemy wolves.

I started attacking to and I quickly jumped on a sandy brown wolf and snapped its neck with no problem.

After about half of the enemy wolves were dead I looked up and saw the guy from the club pointing a gun at me and I ran towards him.

There was a bang and I felt a sting go up from my stomach to my heart.

I fell into blackness but not without yelling that I loved Calvin.

Kitalins pov

"Hush little kitten its just a scratch nothing big, just think of it this way if your a big girl ill go out and get some icecream from joes." 

I looked up to my dad with my 5 year old eyes and nodded my head. 

"The kids down the street say I smell funny, that my blood is not normal for a werewolf" 

Tears were reforming from the memory from the taunts.

  "Yeah kitten we have to go back to Dr. Contrelo and see why your sick like you are.  But dont worry it might just be your wolf trying to get out earlyer than planned if that happends we have to give you some gummys every day that makes her wait just a bit."

  "ok daddy"  I said  

~~~  2hours later

"Sorry Mr. firestone it seems that your daughter kittalin has a heart disfunction that will make her die slowly."

"Dad I dont want to die I never even knew my mate!"   I was crying only now it was fear for my life.

"Will she be in pain?"

"Yes every day in a year or two she will get head aches and they will grow harsher very fast."

"Is there surgery so we can save my daughter?"

I listened into the conversation only to have it go out the other ear.

I was dying and my dad was with me.

~~~1 year later

He left my dad left me while my life grows shorter and the pain grows stronger.

He loved me only when I was normal and my mother is staying even with her broken heart.

You can hear her crying through the walls.

My father left yesterday and my mother keeps crying I dont blame her because im crying to only in my own room and not becuase of him.

The pain is making me cry I want it to stop.

But it wont the pain will go on till I die.

(ok that was a dream of hers or memorie as you city foke would say)

I woke up dreanched in sweat with my head hurting like I had a bomb explode mulitple times in my head.

I tried to move my arm to my head only to find my arms tied to the back of the chair.

The stuff they had on my hands was burning my arm it felt like I stuck a hair straightener on my arm.

Then I let it sit on high for a whole hour.

Yes its very painful.

Im not going to say its worse then child birth because well I dont know that.

The door swung open showing a man who looked about 19 years old.

He had snow white hair and bright silver eyes.

The man gave off an aura that felt like home.

"Hello Kittalin my father came to make sure you were ok."  He said very quite like it was a secret.

"Yah tell your father I dont think being tied up to a chair is in someones idea of ohh it feels like a kittens bottom"  I croaked.

The guy looked at me oldly mostly like I was nuts.

"Well my father is doing whats in his power to get you out of this place.  I dont know why your so special but he sent me down here to inform you."

He started turning around heading to the door.

"Hey wait why cant I hear my wolf and whats your fathers name?"

"The shot they gave you makes you weak andunable to reach your wolf.  Oh and my fathers name is Greg the alpha of the Red Blood pack."

No fucking way shit shit shit

Thats my father

Is this guy my brother?



"Umm yes wait that would mean we are brother and sister.  Shit we have to leave now if we wanna get you out un harmed."

"Wow why does he want me to be safe the only time he cared about me was when I was not dying or trying to have a life."

He walked behind me and cut the rope.(lol like the iphone game:)

Then he picked me up and set me on his back.

"Wow my brother has a bubble butt."  I was now poking his big tush haha it wobbles.

"Your butt fat is moving!"  Ha oppsie I said that out loud.

"Shut up if you want to live oh and act like your sleeping or better yet fall asleep so this can be easier."

My brother touched my neck and I fell right to sleep while he carried me to who knows where.






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