Weak Abilities

15 year old Eden Daize lives a happy peaceful life with her family of three in the wonderful town of Masekick. But when her class go on a school adventure trip, things start to fall apart.
Upon her kidnapping, Eden realises that life in Masekick is not what it seems. She discovers that people are preparing for war. And they need to train the beings with weak abilities.
Tony Golfe is just your average everyday kind of guy. Good at sports, good at gym, good at fighting. So when he found out that his class were going to an adventure camp, he was overwhelmed with excitement! But when a couple of days later, his best friend Eden disappears - he is flooded with worry. Fifteen year old Tony is by now old enough to realise that the police in Masekick aren't the best at what they do. So he decides to search for Eden himself. Along the way he discovers a series of the towns secrets. Will he find Eden, or will he be too late?


3. Tony

I slammed the door behind me and shot up to my room without saying a word to my parents.
'I never have anything to do' I thought to myself. I tried reading some books and playing computer games but eventually I ended up inviting Eden round.
I heard the familiar sound of our annoying doorbell and shot down the stairs.
Sadly, my mom had beaten me to it.
"Oh hello Eden," she spoke in a soft tone which over the years got gradually quieter. "Would you like to come in for some cookies and milk?"
I made a face behind her back and Eden smiled.
"Actually Mrs. Golfe, Tony invited me round to do some.. Erm.. Homework," Eden smartly replied. My moms face dropped, "then where's your school bag?"
"Okaaay," I interrupted, "enough chit-chat, me and Eden better get on with our, uh math equations."
I grabbed her wrist and we walked up the stairs.
"The offer of cookies is still out there Eden. Just saying," my mom called up after us.

"Aw, Tony you're mums so nice!" Eden states.
"Are you kidding me!" I say, a look of disgust spreading across my face.
I flop into my computer chair and Eden brings a chair up next to me.
"So what's our 'maths homework' today?" She asks.
"Well," I start, "I've been looking at the website for the adventure camp and it looks pretty hard,"
"Ughh," Eden groans, "please don't say that! I'm dreading it enough as it is."
"Eden it's not that your bad at sport," I start, turning to look at her, "it's just that your a fat, lazy loser."
"Gee thanks! Calling a teenage girl a fat loser is just what she needs to boost her self esteem!"
"Oh c'mon," I tease, "you know I'm only joking. But you gotta agree with the lazy part."
She sighs, "well yeah. Of course I'm lazy, I mean all these cookies your mum keeps feeding me are wearing me out!"
"Don't you bring my mom into this!" I say jokingly.
"Anyway, lets have a look at some of these adventure camp photos."
We spent about fifteen minutes browsing through the photos. Then we got bored and started looking at funny cat memes.
"Oh I should go now," Eden says, looking at her phone, "my mums making a roast for dinner."
"I love how your family have proper English dinners," I laugh, "I think we're having pizza today - how American!"
She laughs and then we say goodbye.
Once she's out the door, my brother comes up to my room.
"Seriously dude, when are you going to get together?"
"We're just friends." I reply, not really paying attention to him.
"But is that what you want?"
To this, I don't reply.

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