Weak Abilities

15 year old Eden Daize lives a happy peaceful life with her family of three in the wonderful town of Masekick. But when her class go on a school adventure trip, things start to fall apart.
Upon her kidnapping, Eden realises that life in Masekick is not what it seems. She discovers that people are preparing for war. And they need to train the beings with weak abilities.
Tony Golfe is just your average everyday kind of guy. Good at sports, good at gym, good at fighting. So when he found out that his class were going to an adventure camp, he was overwhelmed with excitement! But when a couple of days later, his best friend Eden disappears - he is flooded with worry. Fifteen year old Tony is by now old enough to realise that the police in Masekick aren't the best at what they do. So he decides to search for Eden himself. Along the way he discovers a series of the towns secrets. Will he find Eden, or will he be too late?


2. Eden

Walking down the streets of my beloved town, Masekick, I was reminded that just months ago my family and I were still living in gloomy yapton, down south England. I was so lucky my dads work had been moved to the sunshine state of America. And the place portrayed the name for sure! It was a bright sunny day in Florida, perfect weather for walking home from school. I felt a light tap on my shoulder and spun round on my heels, gasping. I let out my breath, "oh Tony don't do that! You scared me to death!"
He laughed and walked over to my side as I turned back round and continued my treck home. Tony was a definite joker - and my only real friend. He was tall with dark brown hair like mine. However, he had bright blue shining eyes whereas mine were dark brown. He often described them as beautiful lumps if coal.
"What's with this new backpack? Looks like it belongs in the trash!" He told me, eyeing my crosshatch printed rucksack. Yeah. Unlike me, Tony was a true American. As a former Brit, I would have said it belongs in the rubbish. But I would never correct him as he would just make fun of my Brit-speak.
"My old one got puked on," I said, staring ahead, "by you."
He threw his head back and laughed. "Oh yeah, I remember that! But your moms the one you should be blaming! She gave me lime jello, claiming it was green apple. I swear that woman's always trying to poison me or something." He accused, jokingly.
"Really," I started, rolling my eyes, "sometimes I wonder why I'm even friends with you!" We came to a bend in the road and Tony jumped in front of me before I could turn. " because I'm so gorgeous and handsome and just.." he broke out into a teenage girls American voice "so totally hot?"
I rolled my eyes once more and stepped pass him.
We came to our houses which were directly opposite each other and said our goodbyes. I unlocked the front door and shouted "I'm home!"
I trudged into the living room and threw my backpack onto the sofa, taking my body with it.
I lay on the sofa like that, staring up at the ceiling until my mothers face appeared in front if me. "Hello honey," she smiled warmly. I got up from the sofa at this point and sat down next to her. " how was school?"
I sighed. "We've got a school trip tomorrow. Going to some adventure camp thing I think. It's all free accept the coach payments."
"Ooh a school trip!" My mother buzzed.  "I used to love those when I was younger. How much is it?"
I tried to recall the meeting we'd had about it. "£38" I told her, not too sure of myself.
"Oh." Her tone dropped. "That seems quite expensive for a coach ride. Does it include food as well?"
"Um, I think theres a letter in my bag," I informed her. "I'll be upstairs if you need me." So I took my iPod out of the front pocket of my backpack and shot up to my room.


I was dreading this trip. 'I'm so crap at sports and stuff like that!' I thought to myself as Ed Sheeran played on a loop.

I got an IM from Tony: wanna come ovr 2 mine? :) x

I smiled and texted back: Rnt u sick of me yt? ;) x

Tony: jst dnt bring ur hrrble backpack nd ill b fine ;) x

I smiled at the words and ran back downstairs. Grabbing my coat off the peg I shouted goodbye to my mum and slammed the door behind me.

*** authors note - again

Well that was the first chapter. Kinda boring I know. But stick around for more Eden and Tony adventures!

Yeah so as you might know, I'm a brit. And most of the people in my story are American. I know most alternative words; Mum = mom. crisps = chips. chips = fries. jam, jelly. jelly, jello. those kinda things. But if i get anything wrong or make any spelling or punctuation mistakes - please tell me!

Oh and btw please check out Wattpad! Its so much like movellas (just not as good obviously ;) and theres a story on there called The Happy Zombie Sunrise Home. Sooooo good! Please check it out!

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