Weak Abilities

15 year old Eden Daize lives a happy peaceful life with her family of three in the wonderful town of Masekick. But when her class go on a school adventure trip, things start to fall apart.
Upon her kidnapping, Eden realises that life in Masekick is not what it seems. She discovers that people are preparing for war. And they need to train the beings with weak abilities.
Tony Golfe is just your average everyday kind of guy. Good at sports, good at gym, good at fighting. So when he found out that his class were going to an adventure camp, he was overwhelmed with excitement! But when a couple of days later, his best friend Eden disappears - he is flooded with worry. Fifteen year old Tony is by now old enough to realise that the police in Masekick aren't the best at what they do. So he decides to search for Eden himself. Along the way he discovers a series of the towns secrets. Will he find Eden, or will he be too late?


1. Authors note

Hi, so if you're reading this I'm guessing you liked my blurb? Well I just wanted to say a few things that I couldn't fit in there (because of the 1000 words limit *rolls eyes*).
Okay so you can probably tell that this story will be written in two people's point of view - but it's kinda two different stories that merge together in the ending.
Second thing: I'm thinking about maybe writing this with someone else? Maybe! If I do i'll obviously be needing co- writers. So if you're interested in that then please comment and tell me. Also I may be getting a laptop soon - meaning ill be able to come on here and write more.
Erm so I think maybe this story would be suited to people who like books like the hunger games or something. It contains adventure, drama, romance, and maybe I'll throw in some humour - as it's you ;)
Lastly, sorry if any of my writing doesn't really make sense - autocorrects a bitch.
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