As Long As You Love Me

Chapter 1

Casey's p.o.v.
Hi,my name is Casey Young and I'm 17.I've always had a crush on Zayn Malik ,you know from one direction hes handsome,funny,smart, and did i mention handsome.Well, I've been admiring him from a far and i really love him. I think, its one minute i love him and the next I love Harry heart is crazy just like my emotions.See I have a case of heart cancer and it's not as severe as it should be at this point of having the disease for 3 years.The doctor has mentioned that I may only live till my 20 birthday at the most and if i had children they wouldn't be healthy.For instance,they would have birth defects,be disfigured,and or die at birth.Anyways, I am longing to get the treatment that i need to survive but, it costs 2m dollars which my family doesn't have.Well,we just moved to the U.K. to the surgeon to figure out how the treatment can be lowered to 1t.Which part did we move to? Bradford, England,I know that's were Zayn lives, I was happy to move


2. Chapter 3:The date

                              *** Today is my date with Harry***

Ahhh,finally its the day I have been waiting desperately for!!!!!!!!!I woke up really early to get ready.I got a text at 10:28 said''Harry:I can't wait for our date.I'm going to take you to a cool place!''I was sooo excited by the word's he texted.I got up and took a shower,brushed my teeth,ate breakfast.It was finally 11:00 a.m.I did my hair it looked like this[,r:34,s:0,i:196]and my outfit looks like this[].It was 2:40 p.m. when I heard a knock on the door it was Harry.He was wearing a v-neck and blazer with black skinny jeans and some black converse.I felt under dressed but, he said I was okay and that I looked beautiful as ever.It was fun with Harry.I really enjoyed being treated like a lady!Harry got me home in perfect time.I thanked him for the amazing time an leaned in for a kiss.When we kissed I felt a spark,what am I saying I felt a huge spark!We hugged and talked a little more then,Harry left!I took a shower and went to bed not remembering to take my make up!


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