As Long As You Love Me

Chapter 1

Casey's p.o.v.
Hi,my name is Casey Young and I'm 17.I've always had a crush on Zayn Malik ,you know from one direction hes handsome,funny,smart, and did i mention handsome.Well, I've been admiring him from a far and i really love him. I think, its one minute i love him and the next I love Harry heart is crazy just like my emotions.See I have a case of heart cancer and it's not as severe as it should be at this point of having the disease for 3 years.The doctor has mentioned that I may only live till my 20 birthday at the most and if i had children they wouldn't be healthy.For instance,they would have birth defects,be disfigured,and or die at birth.Anyways, I am longing to get the treatment that i need to survive but, it costs 2m dollars which my family doesn't have.Well,we just moved to the U.K. to the surgeon to figure out how the treatment can be lowered to 1t.Which part did we move to? Bradford, England,I know that's were Zayn lives, I was happy to move


1. Chapter 2:Meeting who I fancy

 When we got to Bradford,England we had a beautiful house that was huge from the inside and the outside.My mom suggested me to go outside to meet teens my age.My mom lets me act like a regular teen so i wont get depressed and try anything.. I agreed with her and got my skateboard from the car and rode it up and down the street,as i rode my skateboard i put my headphones in and played my music load so I couldn't hear anything and closed my eyes to feel like i was in a movie.Two minutes later I heard a car honk, I opened my eyes and saw a luxurious charger that was cherry red. I ran out the way and tripped on the sidewalk and scraped my knee and arm.When I finally realized what happened I looked to my right and saw 2 beautiful men running towards me.I couldn't see their face because of the blinding sun.I could hear them saying''ARE YOU OKAY?DO YOU WANT US TO CALL 911?''As they got closer I saw their chiseled face it was..........Harry Styles and Zayn Malik.I was astonished,I replied''Yes,I'm fine,I just can't get up''they ran faster to me and helped me up.I said''Take me to my house its up the street''They put me in the back of the car and drove up the street to a house next to mine I guessed that was Zayn's house.I pointed to my house,they ringed the doorbell and told my mom what happened and my mom took me in and layed me on the couch and told the boys to come in and help her get me banded up.They cleaned my cuts and wrapped them up.I thanked them and gave them a kiss on the cheek and hugged them.They were happy that I was okay and told me there names.I already knew though.

I replied''Oh,I'm Casey''.

They said''That's an original name,I like it''.

I said''Thank you''.

Zayn replied''Your welcome''.

         I could tell that me and him clicked and I also say Harry getting a little jealous

Harry finally said''We have to go,but, can I have your number''.

     I gave him and Zayn my number and they walked out.I couldn't bear to think that just happened to me.

I got a text later on saying''Feeling better,how bout we hang out tomorrow say about 3 p.m. xoxoxoxoxo''from Harry

I replied''Yes,I would love too.See you later.... bye xoxoxoxo''.

          I am ecstatic to hangout with harry tomorrow!

                            <3  <3 <3 <3 <3




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