I only write Harry oneshots, so if you have any requests, leave them in the comment section below with information such as your name, if you want the imagine to be sexual or sweet, and if you have any personal requests as to how you want things to go, please leave them below also & I hope you enjoy my little one shots. The sexual oneshots will be longer than the sweet ones. Please leave a comment below telling me your opinions & requests.


1. The Lounge

“Thank you Florida! You’ve been a great audience!” Louis calls, before him and the other boys run off the stage. You’re on tour with your boyfriend, Harry, and your best friends.

Harry runs up to you, wrapping his arms around you and burrying his face in the crook of your neck. Despite the fact that he’s all sweaty, you hug him back. Niall does a hip thrust, demonstrating what he believes Harry will be doing to you tonight. You just laugh, tickling Harry’s neck with your hot breath.

“Aweh, look at the love birds!” Liam cooes, passing by the two of you to get to his dressing room. The other boys flash you cheeky grins before scampering off to their own dressing rooms. Harry finally pulls away, giving you a long, passionate kiss before fully pulling away.

“You’re being pretty affectionate tonight.” You giggle as Harry interwines his fingers with yours, leading you to the lounge room at the very back of the venue.

“Do you not like it?” He asks, closing the door behind you two, before plopping down on the enormous couch.

“No, I do! But, we’ve been dating for over six months, and you haven’t given me a hug or a kiss like that.” You say, sitting down next to Harry.

“Well, I realized something…” He trails off, playing with your fingers, his head lowered.

“And what was that?” You ask, trying to get some sort of answer for your now nervous boyfriend.

“That … I love you.” Harry murmurs, raising his head so he can stare deeply into your eyes. You can feel the corners of your mouth begining to point upwards as your stomach fills with butterflies.

“I love you too!” You exclaim, making Harry’s smile match yours. His green eyes shine even brighter than they already do. His arms wrap around you, locking you in another tight hug. You fling your arms around his neck, removing the space between the two of you.

You pull back slightly so you can press your lips to Harry’s. His tongue runs over your bottom lip, asking for access, which you quickly give him. As your tongues fight for dominace, Harry stands you both up, before pulling down your shorts and underwear in one swift tug. You step out of them as you unbutton Harry’s flannel. You tear it off of his arms before throwing it aimlessly across the room. He takes off your tank top and bra, before pulling off his own jeans and boxers.

You get on your knees, before taking Harry’s dick in your hand. You pump it at a quick speed, earning soft grunts from him. You gently lick and kiss the tip, teasing him. His hands push down on the back of your head, signaling that he wants you to put it in your mouth. You decide to give Harry what he wants, sucking on his cock as hard as you can as you slowly pump it. He moans loudly as his fingers tangle in your hair.

“You’re so fucking good at this Liv!” He moans loudly as you use your free hand to massage his balls.

You pump it as hard as you can, giving it everything you’ve got. Harry’s dick grows and gets harder in your mouth. Every time you pump his dick, his moans and grunts get a little louder. Only minutes later, his cum fills your mouth as his loud moans echo throughout the room. You quickly swallow it all as you rise to your feet.

Harry sits you down on the couch, before spreading your legs apart. He gives you a quick peck on the lips, before knealing in front of you. His tongue rapidly flicks your swollen clit as his thumbs massage your inner thighs. You lean your head back and moan through clenched teeth. Harry pushes his tongue into you, making various shapes and curling it up every now and them. His hands massage your breasts, making your moans louder. You grip onto Harry’s curls, tugging on them slightly everytime you moan.

“H-Harry, I-I’m gonna c-cummmm.” You moan shakily. His tongue works even faster as his hands roughly knead your breasts. You let out a quiet scream as you cum, and Harry quickly licks it up and swallows it all.

You lay out on the couch, re-spreading your legs as Harry leans over you. He softly sucks on your jawline as you wrap your arms around his back. He sweetly kisses the bridge of your nose, before ramming his dick into you. You groan loudly, digging your nails into his back as you attempt to adjust to his large size. You’re soon moaning and shouting with Harry as he quickly pounds into you.

“You’re so fucking tight Liv!” Harry moans before leaning his head back and biting his lip, focusing on his thrusts. You move your hips to the rythm of his thrusts, helping him go harder and deeper into you.

“Haaarrryyyy, that feeeeelsssss sooo gooooood!” You shout, nails dug into his back once again.

You moan and shout each other’s names as Harry gives his thrusts everything he’s got. His dick is going fully into you, giving you a few seconds each time to grind your hips together, before he has to pull it back out. You can feel yourself getting closer to the edge with each thrust. You remove one of your hands from Harry’s back to massage his balls. He smiles down at you, before continuing to focus on what he’s doing. His thrusts are getting slower and shakier, showing that he’s close as well. Only a few thrusts later, you and Harry are moaning and shouting each other’s names as you orgasm together.

Harry slowly pulls himself out of you, before laying on the opposite side of the couch. You’re both panting heavily, trying to catch your breath. After you do, you both decide to get dressed. You share a quick but passionate kiss, before walking hand-in-hand down the back of the venue to Harry’s room. You’re shocked to see all of the boys in there, squeezed together on the tiny couch.

“Hey, where were you two?” Liam asks as you and Harry awkwardly shuffle over to the two stools next to the huge mirror. You both take a seat as the other boys stand up, waltzing over to you two and forming a mini-group around you.

“Umm, out on the tour bus.” Harry lies, scratching the back of his head.

“Really?” Zayn questions. “Because we saw you two walk into the lounge room. Then we heard some… noises from in there.”

Him and the other boys are now laughing hysterically, as your face turns bright red. They knew what you two had been up to. Harry plays with your fingers, trying to avoid making eye contact with his four best friends. The boys all turn and walk towards the doors. Lou, Liam, and Zayn all leave, and just as Niall is about to, he whirls around to face you and Harry.

“Can I just say one thing?” He asks as he leans against the door frame.

“Sure.” Harry answers simply, finally looking up from your fingers.

“I called it.” Niall chuckles, before exiting the room.
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