I only write Harry oneshots, so if you have any requests, leave them in the comment section below with information such as your name, if you want the imagine to be sexual or sweet, and if you have any personal requests as to how you want things to go, please leave them below also & I hope you enjoy my little one shots. The sexual oneshots will be longer than the sweet ones. Please leave a comment below telling me your opinions & requests.


2. Harry Oneshot for Shelby

After a long day if work, I finally arrived home. I got out of my car and stumbled up the stairs to the front door, struggling to find my keys I caught hold of them, finally, and opened the door.
"Shelby? Is that you?" You heard your boyfriend, Harry, yell from the living room. You didn't even bother to reply, you were way too tired. You stood at the door, struggling to get your shoes untied when you heard footsteps coming your way.
"Shelby, hey. How was work?" Harry went up to you and asked.
"Don't even mention that." You sigh, clearly stressed out.
"Wanna talk about it?" He ask. You didn't reply.
"Come on babe," he pushed but you still wouldn't budge.

He decided to leave you alone for awhile, wait for you to cool off & calm down so he walked away.

You decided to start on your projects that your boss handed you today. You sat on the couch and pulled out piles beyond piles of paper. Seriously, can you ever catch a break?

Just then, Harry called you from upstairs. "Shelby! Can you come here for a quick second?" You heard that thick English accent that you've grown to love. You decided to follow it. You ended up walking into you & Harry's bathroom to find the tub filled with steamy hot water and your favorite flavored strawberry bath bubbles. You stood there, mouth agape, staring at the beautiful scene. You felt strong arms wrapped around your waist as he pulled you into a strong hug. You smiled to yourself.

"For me?" You whispered.

"For you." He replied.

He started to peel off each article of your clothing until you both were completely bare.

He picked you up, bridal style, and walked you both into the tub. You felt more relaxed than you were just ten minutes ago. You turned around to find those beautiful green orbs melt into your own brown ones and you smiled.

"Thank you, Harry." You have him a quick peck on the lips. "You always know how to make me feel better."

He pressed his forehead to yours and smiled. "Anything for my princess."
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