""If you cry, you die. (a harry styles fanfic)""

harry cries to much and it annoys the crap out of Lindsay. What happens when Lindsay does something horrible to stop harry from every crying again? D:


3. what did i do

i'm sorry. 

I didn't mean to.

I lost my temper.

Harry, are you okay?

Harry, get up.

Say something.

Say anything.

Harry, please move.

Let me know that you're okay.

I didn't mean to hurt you.

Please don't be mad.

Why aren't you crying?

Harry, please.

Are you okay?

Get up off the floor.

You're bleeding.

I'm sorry.

You're alright, just go lie down.

I'll get some bandaids.

Would you like some ice?

I said I'm sorry, babe.

Harry why are you sleeping at a time like this?

Harry, wake up.

Wake up!

Harry please!

Harry if you dont get up right now....



























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