""If you cry, you die. (a harry styles fanfic)""

harry cries to much and it annoys the crap out of Lindsay. What happens when Lindsay does something horrible to stop harry from every crying again? D:


5. Oops

WARNINGs: Death, language, sadness #dontcry <3


"HOLY SH!@$#%@%$"

I run into the room where Niall is screaming "whats wrong?"

"hAAAAAAAAAAAARRRY!!!!!!!!!" he whales, droppign to his knees in front of the boy who is not moving.

"I didn't mean to kill him..." I'm crying now. "I'm sorry. I'm sorry."

"GET out." niall yells.

"but this is my house" I say

"no this is harry's house and since he is dead and can't talk, I am speaking for him and saying GET OUT OF THIS HOUSE YOY PSYCHO MURDERER OMFG" niall points to the door.

i leave. 

it is raining outside and cold. everyone is going to hate me now. I will have no friends and i bet not even my family will love me.

and I have no house.

it is so cold out, i go to a back alley. I pull a huge cardboard box out of the garbage bin and make it into my house. as i lie down in my new bed, i am so sad.

I remember how it was only a few hours ago that harry and i were cuddling in our bed and it was so nice.

i am so sad because i know that will never happen again.

Harry was the only one who loved me.

My parents died in a car crash when I was six and I was so sad because I was homeless. harry found me because he was seven and I went to live with his family and we fell in love. It was the perfect love story, with the worst ending possible

oh well, at least I'm used to sleeping on the streets.

Even though this was how i lived in my childhood, im so sad and I fall asleep with tears in my eyes as it softly begins to snow.

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