Beauty and a beat.

18 year old popster Justin Bieber, is used to all the girls in love with him. One day, he sees a girl. A beautiful one. Her name is Elizabeth , your usual 16 year old girl. Hes immidiantly attracted to her....


1. The new guy.

I was walking in the school halls on a Tuesday morning, I went to my locker to get my stuff when i I saw my bestfriend, Brooke. Brooke ran up to me " Oh my gosh Elizabeth, have you seen the new guy" "No?" I said.

Brooke instantly grabbed my hand, and practically dragged me to the principals office, and there i saw the new guy. A tall guy, with dirty blonde (more brown) hair, with piercing brown eyes. I gasped, it was Justin Bieber. THE JUSTIN BIEBER. Not like I was a belieber or anything. I just couldn't imagine like, the biggest pop star going to my school. He was attractive but, not really my type. And plus, I'd never have a chance with him, with all the little beliebers following him everywhere. Probably even to the bathroom.

"He's even better looking in real life!" Brooke yelled.
Eh he's alright I said. I don't know, I've just never been obsessed with him like every other girl in the world. That was when he looked over here, and smiled at me.
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