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This is my first One Direction fan fiction so please tell me what I could do to make this better.

So, Alexa is a 18 year old website blogger who is very well known. She unexpectedly gets invited to do a personal blog on One Direction. After spending a couple days with them, she finds she has a lot in common with Niall, even though he doesn't seem to like her back. She's now acting like a complete idiot to get him to like her, but will it work?


2. Trickery

Sorry, it took me so long to update. My old computer broke and I couldn't get any of my documents. So now with a new computer, I'm redoing everything. Tell me if you like it and fav, fan and like this. 

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As soon as Lauren came, I knew some shit was about to go down. She has that kind of atmosphere about her, like she can and will start a fight with you. She practically the exact opposite of me, and I absolutely love her for that.

 Lauren(or as she wants everyone else to call her, Storm) is a pretty girl. She's Asian American with chocolate colored eyes, full lips and long black straight silky hair with bangs. She can get any boy she wants and knows it. The only problem is she's goth and scary as hell. She always wears black, but looks awesome in it and she can come up with the best, harshest comebacks. I, on the other hand, am a sweet(enough) soul. I wear skinny jeans of practically any color and sweatshirts or graphic t's. I have long wild black hair and lightly mixed skin with a face full of freckles. Not to mention my braces.

The only reason we were best friends is because we've stuck together since 2nd grade. While all the other girls developed early and got boyfriends by 7th grade, Lauren and I were awkward flat-chests who had more guy friends then girl friends. We didn't fully develop till the middle of Freshman year and then we started getting more attention. Not as much as the early developers, but enough to not have you profiled as possibly being a lesbian couple.

Anyway, so, Lauren comes tromping in the house(she has a spare key) and sauntered into my room. 

"Yeah?" she asked, laying on my bed.

"Okay, I need you to be my co-partner for the blogs, hear me out. I need you because Harry Styles of One Direction, don't roll your eyes, has asked me to come to LA and do a personal blog on them. Please say yes," I said in two breaths. She looked at me with suspicious black eye lined-eyes.

"Are you sure it's really him?"

"Positive, without a doubt." I said. She sighed.

"Sure," I tackled her with a hug. "What's Percy think about this?" I let go of her.

"He doesn't know yet." She smirked. 

"We're most likely not going then."

"I know, but I already promised Harry."

"Where is Percy anyway? I don't hear him yelling at Call of Duty." Here's a quick fun fact about Lauren. She is in love with Percy. It's never been spoken aloud, but I knew ever since we were in 6th grade when he walked into my room in boxers while we were having a sleepover. She gawked at his chest with his dragon tattoo on his abs till he left. She hasn't been the same around him since.

"He went to a party, I think. He's probably not going to be here till 3."

"So...he's going to come back from a party?"


"With him drunk from drinking?"


"So, why don't you have him sign some paper while he's drunk so when he wakes up later, he can't say anything." I gawked at her. "What? I did this to my step-mom for the trip to Atlanta."

"You're an evil genius." I finally said. She smirked and switched on my TV.

~~~~~~5 hours later~~~~~~~~

At 3:25 am, we heard Percy stumble in with his friends yelling out to their designated driver. We tromped downstairs and saw them sprawled out on the couches, turning on Call Of Duty(come on, you're drunk as hell. The least you could do is not think about video games).

"Hey Perce," I said.

"ALEXAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!" Percy's friend, Darius said from the floor, trying to put on a headset backwards. "What's up, my bitch? My main bitch? My sexy mother fu-"

"Yeah, hey," I said. They would never in their right mind say something like that if they were sober. Unless they wanted to die by older brother.

"Perce, I need you to-"

"Dude. Dude, Storm, dude. When did you get here?" Percy asked. Lauren blushed slightly, but smirked to cover it.

"A little bit before you went off parent-duty. " She always had the worst comebacks for him. He shrugged and turned to the game counsel. I quickly pulled out a  pulled out a piece of paper. 

"Percy, can you please sign this piece of paper saying you give me permission to go to LA with Lauren to do an interview with One Direction next Friday?" I quickly asked, thrusting a paper and pen in his hand. He looked at the paper, then at me, then back at the paper. Then, as a miracle, he signed it.

"Now, go to bed. You have school tomorrow."

"But it's Fr-" I started muttering before Lauren elbowed me and pulled me upstairs.

"That was so close! I thought for a second he wasn't drunk enough to do it." I exclaimed, flopping on my bed.

"I know," Lauren said. "I was starting to freak out there for a moment. He usually doesn't notice me when I'm around." She flopped down next to me.

"Will your dad let you go?" I asked, even though I already knew the answer.

" I don't know," she asked sarcastically. "Am I going to grow a penis?"

"Probably." she punched me in the arm.

"It doesn't matter anyway. He lets me go anywhere if I have the money for it." This was true. Since the age of 12, her dad has pretty much let her run wild, just giving her a weekly allowance with the only requirement that she stays an A&B honor rolls.

"Well, how much you got?"

"I think $2,000. I've been saving for a couple weeks now. I've been trying to save $5,000 but I can't help it when they're having blow-out sales at the mall."

"Oh, poor baby." I said, playfully rolling my eyes. She traced a tear down her face.

"Now of course, there's just the packing in seven days to deal with." She said. I shrugged. I'll do it on Wednesday. The tickets should come in by Tuesday.

Later on while we laid in my bed to go to sleep, my heart rate started speeding up at the thought of meeting One Direction. The boys of almost any girls dreams. It was enough to make me feel queasy. I took a couple deep breaths and closed my eyes, thinking of all the good, bad(and possibly dirty ;) scenarios that could happen next week.

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