One and Only

It only took them 14 days to fall in love...

When Marilyn Parrish goes on her Highschool senior trip to London. She finds herself sneeking off with her friend to go to a one direction cd signing. Marilyn always knew she would never attach herself to anyone. Everything changed when she met a member of the band.But when Marilyn gets into a terrible car accident. She not only forgets how it happened but she forgets ever knowing Harry.


5. The Elizabeth Tower


After what only felt like a few hours of sleep. I could already feel the sun beaming in on my face. As I sat upright and adjusted my eyes. I noticed that Aria was gone. I reached for my phone that was on top of the nightstand. Just as I was about to dial her number, Aria came walking through the door. She was holding a food tray with a dozen of giant cinnamon rolls. "Good morning sleepy head." She said as she walked towards my bed and sat at the foot of it. 

"Morning." I said while surveying her food. "One wasn't enough?" I asked as I reached for one.

"I love these things and if I see them i'm going to get them." Aria said as she took a bite of one. So how'd you sleep last night?"

"Not well. I had this weird dream." I said."Wait let me guess. You met Harry Styles from one direction and you two kissed so Mrs.Shaw wouldn't see you. And tell me why would that be a weird dream?" She asked looking confused."Yeah how did you know?" I asked her surprised."Because it wasn't a dream." She laughed. 

"Well I wish it was." I said as I fell backwords on the bed.

"What's the big deal? So what your Styles new mystery girl." Aria shrugged."I'm not his mystery girl." I said as I took a bite of the cinnamon roll in my hand."According to this newspaper article you are." She said as she opened up the paper to show me."Since when do you read the newspaper?" I asked her shocked."Since my best friend made the headline." She said while grabbing another cinnamon roll.

"UGH! This can not be happening." I sighed.

"Are you serious what is the big deal?" She asked.

" Because..I..I.. think I like him." I blurted out as I covered my face.  I didn't realize it until I said it out loud.  Maybe it was the sugar talking from the cinnamon roll but I knew I had some sort of feelings for him. Which was odd because yesterday I couldn't wait til I got away from him.  But I knew whatever I was feeling would soon pass. Because a person like him wouldn't last with a person like me.

"I knew it! So why are you acting so depressed over this?" She asked.

"Because we are only going to be here for a few more weeks and if I really start to like him this won't have a good ending. That's why I don't want to see him again." I said. Then there was a sudden knock on the door. "Hold that thought." Aria said as she got up to go answer the door.  It was Tara.

"Hi guys!" She said as she came walking through the door as if nothing happened.

"Hey." Aria and I said simultaneously.

"So where were you two yesterday?" She asked.

"Here." Aria replied.

"Oh. What about you Marilyn?" She asked as she stared at me like she knew something.

"I had a headache." I said trying to keep a straight face."How was the tour?" I added.

"Give it up you guys. I know where you two went." She said miffed.

"What are you talking about?" Aria asked.

"I know you and Marilyn went to the cd signing without me." She said suddenly mad.

" Sorry to burst your bubble but we didn't go." Aria said while trying to lead Tara out of the room.

"So you didn't see any of them Marilyn?" Tara asked.  I just shook my head trying to avoid eye contact.

"Oh okay." Tara's mood went from mad to happy. "So do you know who that girl is ?" Tara asked asked as she took a cinnamon roll off the tray.

"What girl?" I asked as I tucked the newspaper under the covers. "The girl that was seen with Harry yesterday." Tara said as she walked around our room.  Aria and I just looked at each other for a moment.

"I don't know who she is." I said.

"Well you guys are boring, Later." Tara said as exited the room.

"That was close." Aria said she danced her way to the closet.

"I feel bad that we had to lie to her." I said feeling guilty.

"She will be fine. Get up you have to get ready." She said as she tossed me a black and white striped dress."Ready for what?" I asked catching the dress."Zayn and Harry will be here soon." She said."Really? I thought I just told you I didn't want to see Harry." I said annoyed.

"Just give it a chance. Besides Mrs.Shaw gave everyone the day to do whatever." Aria said cheerful. I really wanted to go, but for some reason I kept telling myself that I didn't.  The only person I ever liked was Nathan and he failed to realize I existed until yesterday. And I now I like someone who I know I will never have a chance with. It's like I  like to set myself up for disappointment. But the words came out of my mouth before my mind could make a decision. "Fine i'll go." 

"Great now go get ready." Aria said shoved me into the bathroom. When I finally came out Aria was pacing around the room. "Hey what took you so long?" Aria asked anxiously.

"I was only in there for about eleven minutes. Are you okay?" I asked.

"They're here." She said still pacing. "You seem nervous." I said.

"Me nervous I don't get nervous." Aria laughed off.

"Really? You use to get nervous going in to see a new Twilight movie." I said staring at her in disbelief.

"Only because I was worried they wouldn't keep the movie as authentic as the book." She said trying to reassure me.

"If you say so." I said as I walked over to get my camera off the table. "Are you really bringing that?" She asked annoyed by it.

"My love for my camera is like the love with you and cinnamon rolls." I laughed as I stared at the empty tray that use to have a dozen of cinnamon rolls on it.

"Lets just go." She rolled her eyes and opened the door. We started walking down the hallway and mostly everyone was leaving their rooms to go somewhere. When the first elevator came everyone rushed to get on it. It was full to maximum capacity. So Aria and I waited for the next one. As I was reaching to hit the button to go go down. Nathan swooped in and hit the button first.

"Hey Marilyn. Hey Aria." Nathan waved.

"Hi Nathan." Aria stared at me when  she said his name. "

Where are you two headed?" Nathan asked.

"You wouldn't believe me if I told you." Aria smiled. An elevator door finally opened.

"What is it then?" Nathan asked. I tried to stop her but it was to late.

"Marilyn and I met Harry and Zayn from one direction yesterday. And their in the lobby waiting on us." Aria chirped.

"Your right I probably wouldn't believe you." Nathan laughed. As soon as he said that I looked at Aria and I could tell she wanted to explode.

"Where are you going?" I asked him while pushing the L button that led you to the hotel lobby.

"I'm meeting up with a group of people in our class and we're just going to explore London." He said.

"Well you guys have a blast." Aria said sarcastically while walking out of the elevator.

"We will." Nathan said as he walked away.  I just walked behind Aria because she seemed like she knew where she was going.

"There they are." Aria pointed at Zayn and Harry who were in the sitting lounge inside the lobby.  We walked over to them.

"Hello." Zayn said as he kissed Aria on the cheek. "Marilyn hi." Zayn said as he waved at me.

"Look I want to show you something." Aria said pulling Zayn to the side. I walked closer to Harry who seemed to be making eye contact with everything else but me.

 "Hi." I said quietly. He finally looked up at me.

"Hi." He smiled.

"I'm really sorry for what happened yesterday." I said.

"Don't apologize I completely understand." Harry said while looking away again. I didn't want things to remain awkward. And I didn't want to keep having a constant reminder of what happened yesterday.

"Can we just  start over." I said reaching out my hand.

"I would very much like that." He said as he grabbed my hand to shake it. 

" Hi my name is Marilyn." 

" Hi i'm Harry."

"Your british?" I laughed jokingly

"Your american?" He laughed as well. Aria and Zayn came walking back to us hand and hand.

"So what does everyone want to do today?" Zayn asked.

"Hey! Hey Nathan!" Aria called out for Nathan who was just about to leave. "Bye." Aria waved at him. Nathan stopped in his place like he was frozen. Aria just smiled like she was satisfied. I just stood there shaking my head because he was going to tell this to anyone that would listen.

"Happy?" I asked Aria.

"Ecstatic." Aria said.

"Who is Nathan?" Harry asked.

"Nathan is in our class." I answered before Aria.

"Oh okay then shall we go?" Harry asked. The four us began to leave the hotel and I was just happy that I didn't have to worry about Mrs.Shaw seeing us this time. Aria and Zayn walked in front of us still holding hands.

"So is Nathan a friend of yours?" Zayn asked.

"Not really." I said hoping that the topic of Nathan wouldn't last long.

"He is a lacrosse playing loser that every girl likes at our school. He keeps having this on again off again relationships with this girl. And she chooses to make girls at  school lives miserable." Aria said. But now his current status if off and it appears he has a sudden like in Miss Marilyn." She added. When we finally reached outside it was already a cab waiting for us. Just as I was about to get in Harry pulled me back. "Look its her." Harry said pointed at the cab driver. It was the women from yesterday. "How about you guys take this one and we will get the next." I said.  Aria stared at me skeptically.

"Okay." She said. The two of them got inside and just as they were pulling off I heard the cab driver talk.  "Well count my lucky stars. You are Zayn Malik from one direction. My two daughters love you." She said in her strong american southern accent.  "Have fun." Harry laughed as they rode off. " So I say we ditch them like they did us yesterday." He said.  "Not a bad idea. Where do you want to go?" I asked. "Anywhere is fine. I just don't want to get on any rides,because one of my old teaches may get on it. And I don't want you to have any excuse to kiss me." He laughed.

"Shut up! And you kissed me!" I laughed. " Touche.So really where do want to go?" Harry said slightly still laughing. "Well I really want to get a good picture of Big Ben and yesterday you jumped in my picture of it." I said. "Then we will go there. We aren't far from Westminster." Harry said. "Do you mind if we walk then? I really want to get some good shots along the way?" I asked while positioning my camera in my face. "Not at all." Harry smiled. We walked in silence for a few minutes . You could only hear the clicking sounds coming from my camera. I couldn't put it down. It was so much to see. So many things that I wanted to remember when I go back to Florida.

"Sorry about this." I said gesturing towards my camera. "Don't be I like watching you take photos. You seem really happy when you do." Harry said. I could feel myself starting to turn red. "Photography is a habit I picked up after my father." I said. "I remember Aria making a mention about him yesterday. He is a photographer." He said. "He was. Then he and my mom got a divorce. After that he stopped. Its like he lost his inspiration after that." I said remembering their divorce.  "I'm sorry to have brought that up." Harry said. "Its fine. It was five years ago." I said trying to force a smile across my face.

"If you don't mind my asking, but what is that you like about photography?" He asked. I took a moment to think about that,because so many words to describe it came rushing to me. And I had to choose the right words wisely. "It's my way of remembering moments. I like to take pictures of everything I see. I like capturing lifes beauty." I said. It's been a dream of mine to get a picture of Big Ben."

"Now it's time to find a new dream." Harry said pointing up at Big Ben. I quickly grabbed my camera and just started snapping multiple pictures. I finally realized I had enough shots of it. I put my camera down to actually look at it. "This is really cool." I said not taking my eyes off of it.

"Did you know it was called the clock tower. Then it was named The Elizabeth Tower in honor of Queen Elizabeth ll " Harry said as he read a sign.

"Didn't know that." I said. I walked over to where Harry was standing. I soon realized that tourist weren't taking pictures of the monuments anymore. They were taking pictures of me and Harry. It was happening all over again. "Don't worry i'm not going to run." I laughed.

"Good because we can go somewhere else." Harry said

."Where? Where ever we go people will follow." I said trying to keep my head down. 

"Trust me I know the perfect place." Harry said as he grabbed my hand.                        

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