One and Only

It only took them 14 days to fall in love...

When Marilyn Parrish goes on her Highschool senior trip to London. She finds herself sneeking off with her friend to go to a one direction cd signing. Marilyn always knew she would never attach herself to anyone. Everything changed when she met a member of the band.But when Marilyn gets into a terrible car accident. She not only forgets how it happened but she forgets ever knowing Harry.


4. Run


"This one." Harry said as he held up his phone to show me. It was a photo of Harry and I kissing in the London eye.   

"Oh no this can not be happening!" I said frantically while covering my face with the both of my hands.   

"Who has all seen this?" Harry asked the cab driver.  

"Well darlin I don't who have all seen it. I just know that is practically on every website." The cab driver laughed out loud.  

"Don't worry Marilyn you can hardly tell that's you." Harry said as he turned towards me.   

"But you can see half of my face. The whole purpose of that kiss was so that no one would see  me. I said as I pointed to his phone with almost tears in my eyes.  

"I'm so sorry Marilyn." He said sounding apologetic. I checked my phone to see how much longer I had til my teacher came up to my hotel room and notices that me Aria aren't in there.  I had exactly four minutes left.  

"So Marilyn I.." I cut him off before he could even finish. "Please Harry just do me a favor and...leave me alone." I said with tears running down my face. Harry looked at me for a while looking like he kept wanting to say something, but he didn't. He just leaned back in seat and starred out of the window. The rest of the cab ride was completely silent. Except for the occasional beeping noises coming from Harry's phone. People where texting him and calling him. He ignored them all.  

We where a few blocks away from the hotel. I would have been there by now but for some reason the traffic was backed up. I had three minutes left and I had a  feeling that I wouldn't make in time. "Do you think you could maybe go around?" I asked the cab driver. "Sorry sweet pea, but I don't see a way. It's gonna be a couple of minutes." The woman said as she put her head out of the window while looking around. I had no choice. I had the sudden impulse to get out of the car and make a run for it. I opened the cab door and I took off running. "Marilyn stop!" I heard Harry call out for me. As I was trying to get on the sidewalk cars honked at me while I was running like a crazy person in the middle of the street. I finally made my way to the side walk. I ran like my life depended on it. I had to go around a ton of people. I could feel my heart racing as I ran. My legs started to grow weak,but I kept running. 

I finally I made it back to the hotel. I had to catch my breath so I leaned up against a rail that connected to some steps that led  inside the hotel. I thought I was in good timing. When I entered the lobby I saw Mrs. Shaw talking to a woman who worked at the hotel.   

"I wonder why they aren't answering the phone." Mrs.Shaw said sternly as she was talking to the woman.  

"Miss would you like for me to ring them again." The hotel clerk asked as she picked up the phone.   

"No that's alright. I will just go up there."Mrs.Shaw said as she turned to get on the elevator.  I looked around to see if there where anymore elevators to get on. Luckily I caught one before it closed. Once I stepped inside the elevator I fiercely pushed the number three. I was now shaking.  

"Hey Marilyn." Nathan said as he waved at me.  

"Hi." I said without trying to grin weirdly.  

"I didn't see you today on the tour. Mrs.Shaw said you and Aria weren't feeling well." He said.

"Yeah well its a long story." I said while trying to keep my cool. I have had the biggest crush on Nathan since forever.   

"And Tara seemed extra moody today. She kept talking about missing some one direction cd signing." He said. My eyes grew wide when he said her name, because Aria and I forgotten to go get Tara. After all she did tell us that they were here. The elevator door finally opened. I began to walk towards the hotel room and for some reason Nathan was still behind me. I walked down the hallway really fast.    

"Why are we walking so fast?" Nathan asked while trying to keep up.   

"I just can't let Mrs.Shaw get to the room before I do." I said. I didn't want him to know everything.   

"Well I think she's beaten you." He said while pointing to my room. It was Mrs.Shaw standing in the middle of the door and talking to someone.   

I hid from around the corner and watched. I couldn't hear what she was saying or see who she was talking to. "Hey I have a plan." Nathan whispered and walked towards Mrs.Shaw. I saw Nathan block her view of seeing me and he began to talk to her. What ever he said must have worked because the two of them began to leave in opposite directions. I slowly moved from around the corner and as I was headed towards my room. Nathan turned turned around and winked at me.  Which was odd considering this was the first day we have talked. Just as I was getting out my room key to open the door. The door flung open. It was Aria getting ready to leave again.  "MARILYN!" Aria said surprised.  

"ARIA!" I said surprised as well.  

"I totally just covered for you." She said while pulling me in the room and shutting the door.  

"Why? What did you tell her?" I asked afraid of what her response might have been.  

" I told her that you wen't looking for house keeping to get some towels because our room didn't have any." Aria said. "It was all I could come up with on short notice."  

"And she believed that?" I asked skeptically.  

"Yep and Nathan had came over to ask her could she help him look for his luggage." She said while she locked the door.  I let out a huge sigh of relief and walked over to my bed. I fell face forward, because I was exhausted. Then I sat up suddenly mad. "Why did you leave me?" I asked her while yelling.  

"Calm down. I made it back on time didn't I?  And besides I wasn't the one caught making out with Harry Styles!" She said as she threw a pillow towards my face.  

"You know?" I said while tossing the pillow back at her.  

"Yeah your little smooch fest even made the popular page on instagram." Aria said as she made kissy faces.  

"I can explain that." I said as I started to unpack my clothes.  

"Do explain." Aria said. There really wasn't that much to explain.   "

I will tell you about it tomorrow because its getting late." I said as I pretended to yawn.  

"Come on spill." She begged.  

"Mrs.Shaw was there at the London Eye and I didn't want her to see me. So... he kissed me." I blurted out quickly. Aria just looked at me with raised eyebrows and her mouth was wide open.   "Alright I told something now its your turn to tell me what happened between you and Zayn?"   

"Well lets see." She said while looking up in the air like she was trying to remember. "After we left you guys we to the British Museum and Madame Tussauds. Then he dropped me off here." She said.  

"Well I'm so glad this day is finally over and they don't ever have to see us again." I said feeling relieved.  

"Hmmm....yep." Aria said quietly. I looked at her because I knew there was something that she wasn't telling me.  

"Is there something you want to tell me?" I asked.  

"No. Wait hold on a second." She said while getting out her phone to answer it. She walked inside the bathroom and closed the door. I could barely hear anything.  

" Yeah she is here. Okay see you tomorrow." She said as she hung up the phone and came out.  

"Who was that?" I asked.  

"Zayn." She said casually.  

"Zayn." I repeated.  

"Yes Zayn." She replied.  

"Why are you still talking to him and how do you have his number? I asked confused.  

"He gave it to me." Aria said as she climbed into her bed.  

"Aria do you think its a good idea to talk them?" I asked her.  

"Why wouldn't it be? And besides its so obvious that Harry likes you." She said as she smiled at me.  

"He does not." I said.  

"Then tell me why did he ask Zayn to ask me if you where okay?" She said while she stared at me.  

"I don't know to be nice or something." I said.  

"Come on Marilyn  you like him too!" She sang.  

"I do not!" I retorted  

"You two must have had a pretty good day." She said as she put on her eye mask.  

"Why would say that?" I asked quizzically.  

"Because he wants to see you tomorrow." Aria said as she turned off the lamp. I was still sitting up in the dark. Hanging on to that last sentence. I don't know why he would want to see me again. All while I was with him I practically yelled at him or ran away from him. I don't even think I wanted to see him again....or maybe I do.            

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