One and Only

It only took them 14 days to fall in love...

When Marilyn Parrish goes on her Highschool senior trip to London. She finds herself sneeking off with her friend to go to a one direction cd signing. Marilyn always knew she would never attach herself to anyone. Everything changed when she met a member of the band.But when Marilyn gets into a terrible car accident. She not only forgets how it happened but she forgets ever knowing Harry.


3. Picture Perfect


For a second my mind went completely blank. I had two options,turn around and explain everything to my teacher Mrs.Shaw and hope that my punishment wont be that crucial. Or so she won't see me kiss Harry back.  But I think I already  knew what the obvious answer was. I quickly snapped out of my daze when I began to hear girls talking and could see flashes from their cameras. 

"Is that who I think it is?" "OHMYGOSH!"

"I can't believe that is actually Harry Styles!"

"Who is that girl?"

" And why are they snogging?!" Their conversations where endless. I was so worried that Mrs.Shaw would hear and turn around and see me. I panicked. I turned my back to the crowd and kissed him back. Never in a million years would I have thought that I would be in this situation.The kiss seemed like it went on  forever. Then finally the ride stopped. As soon as the door opened. I broke away from Harry and ran for the exit.  I didn't know where I was running to exactly. I just knew that I had to get away from my teacher, those gossiping girls, and Harry. I finally stopped on the corner of a tourist gift shop. I took my camera strap off my shoulder to see if any damage was caused to the lens. Because when I was running, my camera bumped against a wall. I took a test picture to make sure it still worked. As I held up my camera I saw Harry running towards me. When he finally caught up with me he was out breath. "What  the bloody hell was that?" Harry said still trying to catch his breath. "What are you talking about?" I said suddenly loosing my patience. "For someone who was trying to remain invisible, you made yourself rather noticeable by running off like that." He said. Before I could say another  word I heard  beeping noises.  It was coming from both of our phones. I pulled out my phone and I saw I had text message from Aria.

It said:  hey marilyn me and zayn decided 2 go c some more sights.
if your still with harry STAY OFF YOU CAMERA!! L8R!

 I couldn't believe that she ditched me for Zayn.  In a hour and half Mrs.Shaw is going to go to our room and check on us. And I have no clue on what to tell her when Aria isn't there.  "So Aria and Zayn left us." I said still in shock that Aria had left me. "I know Zayn told me in this message." Harry said while he kept running his fingers through his hair.

"Well this day has been the opposite of fun. I am going to go and try to look for my friend.  Oh yeah nice meeting you though." I said sarcastically and tried to get away as quickly as possible.  

"Wait." Harry called out.  I turned around to see what he wanted. "Maybe I could join you in helping.finding your friend." He said as he cleared his throat.  I raised an eyebrow thinking about it for a moment. 

"You don't have to come." I told him.

"I'm not doing anything.So why not go with you and help you look." He shrugged then smiled.  I didn't know what it was but I knew I had to get far away from him as possible.Then out of no where I let out a big sigh,because I finally felt beat. I wouldn't even know where to start looking for Aria. Besides if she wanted to be found she would have told me where they where going. Ever since me and Aria have met them it has just been complete chaos. I didn't want to prolong this anymore. Who knows what other kind of trouble I could get into.

"Change of plans I'm just going to go back to my hotel bye."I turned around again and this time I finally walked away.   It took me a long time but I was almost back at the hotel. I was exhausted and hungry. At any moment now I could feel myself about to collapse. I walked over to a wooden bench that was made into a wall and I  sat there for a while. I leaned my head against the wall and I looked around to see if anyone was around me. Then I closed my eyes. My eyes where shut for at least a good two minutes. When I opened them again I let out a loud shriek.  

"AAAH." I adjusted my eyes and it was Harry leaning up against the wall with a giant grin on face. "What are you doing?" I asked not realizing I was yelling. "Uh I'm standing here." He laughed "Are you following me now?" I asked still yelling at him. Harry looked like he was lost for words. "If you put like that it sounds a bit creepy...I was only trying to catch up with you." Harry said while staring at the ground. " I just want to make a amends. Maybe start over. So this is going to sound completely random,but would you like go grab a bite to eat?"

"Sure." I said immediatley wanting to take it back what I said. "Brilliant. I will go hail us a taxi." Harry said walking over to the side of the street.  I climbed into the taxi and as soon as Harry got in the cab driver turned around towards us. "Well all be darn are you  Harry Styles from one direction?" the woman said with a very strong southern American accent.  Harry just smiled and nodded his head. "Ever since I moved from Virginia one direction is all my two daughters ever talk about. They wouldn't believe me if I told them I met you. Can I have a picture sweet pea?" "Of course." Harry said while leaning towards the woman. "Darlin can you take the picture for me?" She asked as she handed me her phone. I reached for her phone and I noticed she had a one direction iphone case. And her lock screen and homescreen where backgrounds of one direction. I had a feeling that the photo wasn't for her children, it was for her. I snapped the picture and quickly handed the phone back to her. She examined the picture long and hard. I was hoping she didn't want to re-take the picture. "Thanks hun. Where are headed?"she asked. Harry gave her the the name and location of the restaurant one that I have never even heard of.When the cab driver started the engine and had put a cd in. She turned it up and started blasting Last First Kiss by one direction. Harry leaned back in seat and pulled out his phone and got on it an started txting. I did the same. But instead of txting I played angry birds.....while I quietly sang along to the song. We arrived at this small restauraunt called Links. "What is this place?" I asked while looking around. "Its a new place. But come on you'll like it." Harry said as he led the way in.  When we walked inside I had the sudden urge to get out my camera and start taking pictures of everything, but I didn't. The inside looked retro. It looked like was modeled after the 50's. The waitresses where wearing poodle skirts. It had a vintage Jute box. The floor was black and white checker board print. It was red leather booths everywhere. People where sitting at the bar while drinking malts and watching what looked like a game of soccer, or football as it is called that here. We walked over to an empty booth in the back and I scanned the menu. 

"I don't know why but I have been craving some french fries." I said while slouching in my seat.

"You just want chips?" Harry asked still looking at his menu.

"No I want a sandwich as well but the french fries is what I really want." I replied with a emphasis on the word fries.

"Well the chips here are rather good." He said as he put his menu down and stared at me while grinning. For a second it felt like we were have a staring competition. After a long time without blinking Harry blinked first.

"Fine you win. I will have some fries too." He said while rubbing his eyes and laughed.

"If you call fries chips. Then what do call actually potato chips?" I asked looking confused.

"We call those crisp." He said. A waitress finally came up to our booth.  "Hello my name is Sara. What can I interest you both in?" She asked while smiling. "I will have a number 3 and a sprite." I said as I handed her my menu.  "And for you Harry?" Sara said as she kept her eyes locked on him.   "You know my name?" he said while looking confused. "Of course I do. Your in one of the hottest boy bands ever." The waitress said while twirling her hair. "What can I get you?" she added. "Umm I will have the same as her, but with double fries." Harry said as he looked at me and we both laughed like it was some sort of inside joke. Sara had gave me a mean look then returned  her gaze upon Harry and put her hand on his shoulder. "I will have everything out really quick." She said without her eyes never leaving Harry. The waitress went to go take someone else's order, but all while they talked she continued to watch him. Harry leaned over the table. "I think she is undressing me with her eyes." He whispered and laughed. After that we both grew quiet. I didn't know what to say. I'm never really one for words.   "......So this won't be awkward you go first with the small talk. I said. "Well to get to know you better. I will ask you some completely random questions." "Ok." I replied. "Favorite color? "Blue." "Do you have pets?" "No." "Ice cream or frozen yogurt?" He laughed. "Duh ice cream." "Okay favorite book?" "Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austin." "Interesting choice. Okay Last one.....what was your first impression on meeting me?" That question hung in the air for a moment. "Hmm well if the food is good here I will tell you." I said while crossing my arms. "Alright then." Harry said. And right on queue our food had come out. We stayed there and we ate our food. Our conversation mainly consisted of possibilities of where Aria and Zayn could be. Until I got my phone out to check the time. I didn't realize we had been here for an hour. "Harry we have to go." I said frantically while jumping up. "What's the matter?" He asked. " Mrs.Shaw will be checking on me and Aria in about six minutes!" I said quickly. I suddenly felt very dizzy. "Don't worry you will make it back on time." Harry said trying to assure me.  I just nodded my head and took a deep breath. Harry and I walked up to a cashier and he paid the bill. As soon as that was taken care of we bolted out off the restaurant. Luckily we got a taxi right away. We got inside and I practically screamed the directions to the driver. Oddly enough we got the same woman we got as we first got in.

"This must be my lucky day." She said. I just laughed nervously. The cab ride seemed like it went on for a long time.

" You two make a very cute couple. How long have the two of you been dating?"She said as she loudly chewed her gum. 

"We're not dating." Harry replied. "Really." She said skeptically.

"Cause from the looks of that picture. I would've thought so. The woman said as she stared at me through her mirror.

"What picture?"I whispered. 

Five minutes...               

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