One and Only

It only took them 14 days to fall in love...

When Marilyn Parrish goes on her Highschool senior trip to London. She finds herself sneeking off with her friend to go to a one direction cd signing. Marilyn always knew she would never attach herself to anyone. Everything changed when she met a member of the band.But when Marilyn gets into a terrible car accident. She not only forgets how it happened but she forgets ever knowing Harry.


1. From Paris to London


Everyday I sit there in a chair and I stare out the window. People have been coming in and out of my room trying to help me regain my memory. And everyday I remember nothing new. I feel like something is missing. If I remember the smallest thing I keep to myself because this feels like a dream. Because this could not have possible have happened. A part of me tells me to let it go. Then I try to convince myself that it was real. It wasn't a dream but a memory. One thought can trigger every memory and then I can remember it all. That my name is Marilyn Parrish. I am eighteen years old. I live in Florida with my mom and younger sister. I one day want to become a photographer and I was unconditionally in love with a boy I knew I could no longer have.  

SIXS WEEKS EARLIER "Are you excited Marilyn? One hour til we are in London!" Aria  proclaimed. "I'm just happy to be getting off this train." I replied while putting away my Elle Uk magazines. "Me too. I'm just sad to be leaving Paris." Aria said while scrolling through the pictures I took on my camera. "It was fun being in Paris. Sucks though that I didn't get to take more photos." I replied sadly. "Are you really sad you didn't get to take alot of pictures?" Aria asked while frowning her face at me.  "Yes." I answered looking guilty. "Seriously you are glued to your camera!" "I am not!" "Yes you are." Aria said while  glaring at me. "Okay fine I am." I admitted. She knew me so well. We have been friends since the third grade. "Thank you."Aria  chirped and grabbed a magazine out of my bag. When I looked up I saw Tara running towards us. "Guys guess what?!" Tara asked as she tried to regain her breathe. "What?" I asked cluelessly. "You will not believe what band is doing a cd signing in London." she added. "Umm..who?" Aria  asked. It was a long pause before Tara answered. Everytime when something exciting happens she likes to pause for dramatic effects. "One direction!" Tara screamed. "Oh my gosh! When?" Aria asked eagerly. "Today." Tara sang. " don't want everyone else to know." Aria told her while looking around the train to see if anyone was listening. "Umm hello, we can't go." I told them. "Why not!" they both said in sync. "Because our class is going on a group tour and if Mrs. Shaw sees that we are gone we will probably get in trouble." I said sounding like the more mature one. "I knew miss goody-two shoes wouldn't go." Tara said while turning around and walking away. "Come on Marilyn we have to go." Aria said quietly. "You go. I could careless about them." I shrugged off. "Oh come on! Says the girl who has one direction footie pajamas!" Aria yelled. "Ok yes I like them, but enough to run off and see them." I said while looking at our shedule for today. "Please..Please..Please..Please it will be tons of fun. Plus we might even get to meet them." Aria said trying to win me over.

I really didn't want to go. And I was ready to say no,but I didn't. "Fine I will go." I sighed. Aria screamed and  leaned over and hugged me. "This is going to be awesome. I'm going to go get all the information from Tara." Aria said while getting and sprinting down the aisle. I couldn't believe I agreed to go. I did not look forward to being surrounded by a bunch of screaming girls. To pass the time away on the train I pulled out my ipad and started watching an episode of the Vampire Diaries. When this episode finishes. We will be in London.              

 vvv The train had finally stopped and we had arrived in London,England. I started to gather my belongings and ofcourse I pulled out my camera. Everyone on the train was ready to get up until Mrs. Shaw wanted us to sit back down and do another attedance check."Hey Marilyn look who is coming  back here." Aria said with a huge smile on her face. "Hello girls." Nathan said while taking a seat next to me. "Hi." I replied to him. "So are you guys excited to be here in England?" he asked ."Well duh british boys." Aria laughed while looking at her phone and liking every photo on instagram."What about you Marilyn?" Nathan asked me. "I really want to get a good photo of Big Ben." I said while shaking my camera. I really didn't know what else to say. The three of us sat in awkward silence. "Ok then I guess I will see you guys around.Bye" He said as he got up and walked away. "Wow. That's the most he has ever said to us." Aria said as she got and sat in the place Nathan was sitting in. "I'm suprised you even said anything. You have had the biggest crush on him since eighth grade."she said while patting me on the back. "Please I'm so over Nathan Woods." I said while making a check sign in the air. "Good for you."Aria said while slow clapping. "Besides in a few minutes we are going to see one direction!" she pretended to scream. "How are we going to get there without Mrs.Shaw notices we are missing." I whispered so no one would hear us."Easy we pretend we are sick. So that way she thinks we are in bed at the hotel. While really we are seeing one direction." Aria said in the same hush tone. "And you told the plan to Tara?" I asked. Still shocked I agreed to do this. "Yeah she knows what to do." Aria replied. I then heard a loud ringing noise. It was our teacher Mrs.Shaw standing in the middle of the aisle with a bull horn. "Attention students." Mrs.Shaw yelled. "We have reached our destination in England. Here in London we will spend the next four weeks. The same rules apply as they did in Paris." Now lets hope we have a good time here as we did in France." Alright you all can get up." Mrs.Shaw added. Everyone began to get up and exited the train.

When everyone was off the train. We got on a bus that was waiting for us to take everyone to the hotel. Aria and I sat side by side.  " Marilyn go tell Mrs. Shaw you have a really bad headache."Aria said. "And what are you going to tell her?" I asked. "I'm going to tell her that I feel sleep deprived and I need some rest."  "She would never believe us." I said. " Justin Bieber would tell you to never say never. Now go." She laughed. I got up and walked towards Mrs.Shaw feeling very nervous. "Mrs.Shaw?" I called out to her nervously. "Yes Marilyn?" she said. "Umm... my head hurts and I was just wondering could I spend the rest of the afternoon laying down." I asked her feeling like she knew I was lying."Well I will have someone stay there with you." she said while looking around the bus wanting someone to call on. "I guess I can stay with you til feel better." she said. "NO!" Aria had shouted from her seat. " I mean... I can stay with her. After all I feel very tired and can use some sleep."Aria said as she was walking towards us. Mrs.Shaw just stared at us like she was trying to read our minds. "I don't know girls." Mrs. said. "Mrs.Shaw I promise we will remain in our hotel rooms." I said trying to convince her. "Well I trust you girls to stay put til we return." Mrs. Shaw said while giving us a stern look. "We promise." Aria and I said at the same time while grinning. Aria and I returned back to our seats and as soon we sat down we arrived at the hotel.                         vvv  

As soon as we got to the hotel. Everyone began to put their bags in their room. Aria and I where assigned the same rooms. Luckily. Since we where pretending to be sick Aria and I had to pretend to be sleep. Mrs. Shaw only came in our room once to let us know that our class was leaving. "Ladies if you have an emergency just go down to the front desk and call me. Ok?"Mrs.Shaw said. "Okay." I told. Aria didn't say anything because she was pretending to be fast asleep. "I will be back in two hours." Mrs.Shaw said as she was closing the door. As soon as the door was close Aria  quickly got out from under the blankets and went to go change. Aria put on a I love you Zayn Malik shirt with some dark denim jeans. I didn't feel the need to change what I was wearing. "Oh wait! What about Tara?" I asked frantically. "She should have stayed with us and besides she thought you wasn't going to go. Now look who's not going." she said while brushing her hair. "Mrs. Shaw said that she will be back in two hours." I told her. "Don't worry we will be back before she notices we are gone." she said. "As their bus go we can leave." "Hey Aria what time does the cd signing start anyway." I asked. Aria looked down at her watch. "Now!" she cried out. As soon as she said that I grabbed my camera and we ran out the door. We didn't take any transportation there. We ran the entire way! Once we got to the building that it was held at. I noticed that there was a small crowd. We got in a line. I began to look around and it was practically empty. "Where is everyone?" I asked a girl in front of me. "The boys had to leave because some fans went bonkers!" the girl said. "Well that sucks." Aria said disapointed. "So why are you guys still in line?" I asked the girl in front of me. " They are giving away pre signed posters." she said. "Since we are here do you want to get one?" Aria asked. "OK." I replied. The line moved quickly and it was time to get our posters. "Sorry ladies all out." the man said while showing us the empty box.  "Lets just go Aria." I said.  "All of this was a waste." Aria said. As we where walking out we noticed someone was walking back in. "Hey Tom, have you seen my phone? I seem to have lost it."  "Marilyn is that..." Aria couldn't even finish her sentence.  "Here you go Harry. You must have dropped it when you where hauled out here." a man told him. "Thanks mate." Harry said.  Aria and I where standing there in complete shock.  "I think he sees that we are staring." Aria whispered. "Why you say that." I replied. "Well because he is coming this way." she said still whispering.  "Hello."Harry said while waving at us. "Hi." Aria and I said at the same time. "American girls. So where you two from?" "Florida." Aria said.  "Cool so what are your names?" he asked. "My name is Aria and this is my friend Marilyn." Aria said. "Well it was nice meeting the both of you." Harry said.  "Harry there you are. Everyones waiting on you." Zayn said as he was walking towards us. "Well who are these lovely ladies?"Zayn asked. "This is Aria." Harry said while pointing at Aria. "And this is Marilyn." he said while still staring at me. "What part of the states are you two from?" Zayn asked. "There from Florida." Harry answered.  "How long have you two been here in England?" Zayn asked. "Today is our first day here. We're on a class trip." I said trying to look anywhere else because harry was still staring at me. "You guys should come with us. I mean we can show the both of around." Zayn said. "Great!" Aria blurted out. "We can't Aria did you forget Mrs. Shaw will be back to check on us in two hours." I told her. "We will have you two back before then." Zayn said. "I don't know." I told them.  "You should come Marilyn." Harry said....still staring at me.    

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