Dark Secrets

I am a dragon rider. I always have been and always will be. But after the rise of the Shadow Demons, I was called upon by the secret forces of The Immortal, it was up to me to lead the beginning of the new era.


1. The Peaceful Valley

The soft breeze makes the long grasses sway gently around my legs. The evening sun is starting to make its journey towards the horizon. The snow-capped mountains rise on both sides of the valley. Not a sound can be heard, apart from the distant flap of giant wings.

I push my way through the tall grass, towards the giant tree only metres in front me. I reach my hand out to grab the branch closest to the ground. I get a strong grip on its smooth bark and swing up onto it. I find the nearest branch and jump towards it, the tips of my fingers just grabbing onto it. I continue climbing until I reach the top of the tree. 

I position myself on the highest branch so that I can look out along the valley for danger but I'm still ready for when Lightwirl returns. The sound of his wings is closer, but not close enough for me to see him. I scan the mountains for any sign of Starfall knights. If they saw Lightwirl, they would kill him on the spot. Evil or not, the Starfall Knights are ordered to kill dragons upon sight.

Suddenly ,from behind the East mountain, Lightwirls yellow body flies out along the valley and towards the tree where I am slowly starting to stand up. The sun makes his scales gold and his eyes glisten like diamonds. His wings are beautiful, the swirls tattooed on his skin cast shadows on the lake that he flies over.

Lightwirls wings stop moving and he pushes his body forward, reminding me of a horse when you pull its reins to stop. He lands on the ground, right next to the tree. I jump onto his back and grab onto his fiery hair.

"Time to go home then?", Lightwirl asks, wriggling his back so that I sit comfortably on his spine.

"Yes, we'll come back next year", I sigh as I look down the valley.

At sunset the Shadow Demons will return from their phoenix hunt and inhabit the valley for the next 12 months. The peaceful mountains will be hidden from sight because of the awful smoke that the Demons exhale. The crystal lake will be polluted with poison.

I tug at Lightwirls hair and we fly away from the valley.

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