The world then and now

Niall and Julie have met in Atlanta at a concert. They have been dating for as little as two days. They were driving to his flat drunk one night and got in a car crash. They both wake up in a hospital and little do they know how the world turned to crap.
Ally and Charlie have known each other for as long as she can remember. Charlie's brother has the flu as they fight for survival heading east. They pick up a certain British boy band and one of them has gone missing...

This is totally based on the tv show amcs the walking dead just different person and point of view. It is my favorite tv show and its really good. Just know I got the idea from the walking dead


2. Chapter 2

ALLY'S POV: When we saw the two running down the street I was like are they trying to eat every walker in the street to see them? Charlie and I were keeping watch when we saw them. The sun was setting in different shades of purple orange and pink. I had a sniper rifle and Charlie had another sniper rifle. We both had long knives that we used most of the time because if we shot a gun, that would be just plain stupid. We exchanged looks as we saw the two running down the street. "Come on.", I told Charlie. He followed. I pointed behind a bush so he could come out in case of emergency then pointed towards myself and pointed towards the two who were now walking out of breath. I counted down on my fingers. 3...2...1 and I hit them in the side pushing them over while they sit there in shock. Charlie came from behind the bush with a look of relief. "What the hell do you think your doing?" There was a blond boy with braces and a girl with startling gray eyes and dirty blond hair. She reminded me of Annabeth from Percy Jackson. "I don't know what your talking about", the blond said. I looked at Charlie then looked back at the two. I rolled my eyes. "Are you bit or scratched, anything like that?" He had a confused look on his face. I sighed. He clearly didn't know what was going on around here. "Come on in and we'll check your wounds. Get ready because your about to get a whole lot of information crammed in your brain. Might take you a while to process it." We lead them in the house we found. Charlie checked The blond's wounds as I checked the girls wounds. They were about to hear something they would never forget. Here it goes.
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