The world then and now

Niall and Julie have met in Atlanta at a concert. They have been dating for as little as two days. They were driving to his flat drunk one night and got in a car crash. They both wake up in a hospital and little do they know how the world turned to crap.
Ally and Charlie have known each other for as long as she can remember. Charlie's brother has the flu as they fight for survival heading east. They pick up a certain British boy band and one of them has gone missing...

This is totally based on the tv show amcs the walking dead just different person and point of view. It is my favorite tv show and its really good. Just know I got the idea from the walking dead


1. Chapter 1

NIALLS POV: I woke up in the hospital with my girlfriend Julie right beside me. She had woken up before me so she was on her feet. Of course I knew what had happened. We both got in a car crash coming to my flat drunk and slipped into a coma. "W-where are we?", Julie stammered. I opened the curtain windows to find a sky line of buildings. I gasped. "Atlanta." There was no sound in the room when we talked. "NURSE?", I yelled. No anwser. I yelled it again louder. "NURSE!" Not a sound. Huh. That was weird. I got on my feet and looked out the door. To my surprise there was blood every where. My eyes widened and I shut the door. "What's wrong?", asked Julie. I was unable to speak. 30 seconds and I knew what to do. "We have to get out of here." I said. "Why?" She asked. "Because. The whole hospital is full of dead people." I grabbed her arm and we ran out the room. I was determined to get out of the hospital as soon as possible. It was not safe here. We came out the back door of the building and it was super bright outside. It blinded my eyes. I rushed out the building and felt relief when I saw a man walk towards us. "Excuse me!", I called. He just kept coming towards us. I looked at him walking closer and closer. Close up I could see his arm was gone and his bottom jaw wasn't there. It was gross. I took a step back and tripped over a knife. I knew what I had to do. I took the knife and ran it through his chest. He growled. Yet again he kept coming towards us. My jaw dropped. "That's not possible", I whispered in a low voice. I picked Julie up and ran. I ran and ran until someone pushed us to the side. She was a young girl. Probably about 15, 16. She was really pretty. "What the hell do you think your doing?", she said. "What? I don't know what your talking about." She rolled her eyes. "Were you bit or scratched?" Yet again I didn't know what she was talking about. I was so confused.
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