Harry's troubled Love

This is a story about how Harry finds a girl named Jocelyn. She has a rough life because her mother is a drunk with job so to make money she sells you to men to have sex with. Jocelyn is from America but moves to England because of that reason (to get away from the sexual abuse from her mother). In this moment in time Harry has a girlfriend named Cassie but his mother Anne is not a big fan of her. So one day when Jocelyn was walking around finding a place to stay she runs into Anne who told her to come stay at her house. Where she meets Harry and is to shy to actually talk to him.


9. The Crazy Dinner Date

It was just Harry and I going on a date something that was rare because he was always so busy doing something for the band. So it felt good to have this time to our selfs. I dressed in a pretty strapless light pink dress the had a skinny black belt around my waist with a black purse and black 4 inche heels.

"Wow... Jocelyn you look... breath taking!" His words were to kind honestly to have some one like him tell me I look breath taking.

"You don't look to shabby your self." I said smiling. He held out his arm and we went out the door. Not to my suprise there was tons of papparzzi waiting for us how the found out we were going out was a total question in my head. Harry doesn't like his private all out there so to protect me he took off his jacket and covered our faces while he whispered sweet things in my war. Once we got to the rented Range Rover we headed to a beautiful Italian restaurant. We were put in a corner so we can privacy something that was becoming impossible to get more and more.

"Thank you Harry for being the most thoughtful person ever." I said looking into is big green orbs.

"No I would like to say thank you for giving us a chance in this relationship. I have no idea what or where I would be with out to be honest. You are the best thing that have and will ever happen to me." I felt tear in my eyes I try to hold them back but I couldn't he has been the only boy that has ever said that to me. He said it with such passion and love in his eyes and his voice.

"Harry to be honest I have no idea where I would be without you. I could be homeless on the street but I am not. I am sitting with the best and most caring person that means so much to me. I just honestly don't know what to say you mean so much to me. We have been through so much with the media spreading the rumors around it is just that. You were always there for me and I want it to be like that forever."

Thats when I saw tears get into his eyes I didn't want to see him cry. My tumb took the tears off of his cheeks as he took my hand and kissed it. Harry and I never shared a moment like this before and I wanted to treasure it forever. I was now positive I want to spend the rest of my life with the curly haired boy forever and raise a family with him. I love him. Once we finished our dinner we went out of the restaurant. He took me to a near-by beach, he layed down a huge blanket on the sand we just looked up at the stars. Harry cuddled me under his arms I felt safe and warm. He played with my hair it was an hour when soon got caught by papparzzi. Not only was there papparzzi there was also fans chasing after us some knowing who was it was. We ran into the random places every hiding can admit it was like something that I had never happened to me before.

"Harry we have to find the the car and get back to the hotel." I said out of breath from all of the running.

"Well we are at the hotel." I looked around to see the unfamiliar place. It was more like a couples get away. He grabbed my hand and checked into the hotel he picked me in a bridal style and carried to the top of the of hotel. He covered my eyes and lead me to the sweet, when Harry's hand left my face I stood in awe. It was a full penthouse to our selfs.

"Would do you think it took me a while to find the right place for just the two of us." Harry came up behind me and hugged my waist.

"Harry this is just to perfect in every possible way." He slowly started kissing my neck and I tilted my head away giving him more room. I closed my eyes from the pleasure that was washing over my body. I wanted him I need him with me and close me as possible this is when I came to realize I wanted to make love with this man.

I turned around and started kissing him with so much passion and lust that I could possible give to give. He picked me up and I no choice but to wrap my legs around his waste, he had both of his large hands feeling my waist. His tounge exploring every inch of my mouth and I fought back with mine trying to win but I failed. That when he carried me to the bed softly putting me down our lips parted only for little moments to take off our shirts.

At this point he only had his Jack Wills blue boxers. I had on a black bra with lace panties, Harry's hands got to my back and undid my bra leaving my to arch my back. Harry's kisses started at my lips then trailed down to my neck, then to my chest, then my stomach. Just to tease me a bit more he pulled of my lace panties with his teeth. I was fully naked so now its my turns to adore his beautiful body. I flipped him over so I was on top, I slowly traveled down to his chest kissing his two fly birds on his chest. Then I moved to his toned abs kissing them. I then started to tease so I slowly took it boxers off. I could tell he was becoming more and more eager. So he kicked them off pulled me up to his face and got my guard down and flipped me over and slowly teased me by rubbing is thumb over my clit.

Thats when I saw him enter me slowly at first it was pain. Then it became pure pleasure, thats when he started to go at a faster pace but it was steady. I was running out of breath and thats when I notice Harry was running out breath as well.

"H-Harry I-"

I was cut off by his lips trying to silence my moans. I could barely catch my breath but when I could I would moan into Harry's mouth. Everytime he smiled in the kiss knowing he was pleasing me in everyway possible. Thats when Harry and I reached our climax together it was pure ecstasy it like nothing I felt before. It was like thunder bolts in body sending an electricity pulse through my body. But once it wore out we sat there body entertwined with mine his hands caressing my hair.

"Was that the suprise you had in store?"

"No I have something else for you. Jocelyn when I saw you, you were hurt and broken from what your mother put you through. I promised myself never to hurt you. Instead of hurting you we are pleasing each other, you are on tour with me to support me and I wouldn't have it any other way. Once you put your trust in me in this relationship you were here when the media made up rumor about me cheating and everything. I have never met anyone like you before, and I know I will never met anyone like you again because you the only one. I love you so much Jocelyn, would you do the honor and make me the most happy man on earth? Will You Jocelyn Marry Me?"

Harry's words were so much to take in by the end of his little blurb I was in tears as he pulled out a 4crt diamond ring. He was on one knee.

"YES!! YES!! YES!!" It took me a while just to say those words and when I spoke them his face lit up with pure happieness. He gave me another sweet kiss of passion before he took off the promise ring and replaced it with the official marrige ring. Then once again made sweet long love to each but this time he was my soon to be husband.

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