Harry's troubled Love

This is a story about how Harry finds a girl named Jocelyn. She has a rough life because her mother is a drunk with job so to make money she sells you to men to have sex with. Jocelyn is from America but moves to England because of that reason (to get away from the sexual abuse from her mother). In this moment in time Harry has a girlfriend named Cassie but his mother Anne is not a big fan of her. So one day when Jocelyn was walking around finding a place to stay she runs into Anne who told her to come stay at her house. Where she meets Harry and is to shy to actually talk to him.


4. Nothing Turned to Something

Jocelyn's P.O.V.

While we were drinking our hot chocolate we watched a movie called 'Love Actually' that I found pretty cute. It was weird watching a movie with Harry because not only was he besides me but his arm was around my waist. I didn't pull back I couldn't it felt nice he was warm so that made things alot better. I started to drift to sleep and to make myself more comfortable I rested my head on his lap. Which was a bad idea because he started to play with my long brown hair. Making me drift asleep faster.

When I woke up I found myself in Harry's room with his arms wrapped around me. I turned around to face him he was sleeping like a doll I couldn't help but play with his curls. Then his eyes started to open.

"Good morning Jocelyn." He said with a grin on his face his morning voice was low I find it such a turn on.

"Good morning Mr. Styles did you bring me up here for and why if so?" He started to laugh through is teeth.

"Yes I brought you up to my room because you looked to adorible sleeping on my lap so  I-"

"In other words you wanted to cuddle with a girl you just met and lives with you."

He chuckled I got up his mom Anne was looking at me with a smile. Oh god I don't want to know what she has to because it scares be just a bit. She was making breakfast it was nice to have a nice home cooked meal for once in awhile.

"So what did you and Harry do yesterday?" I felt shy into answering her question.

"Well we went into the heart of Cheshire and he drove to the bakery were he used to work. Once we were done we came back home and watched a movie but I ended up falling asleep."

I started to blush, but thank god Harry had walked in the kitchen just when I knew Anne was going to ask what was I doing in his room. So Harry got his mom off of that subject and told her how he ended the relationship with Cassie. The look on her face was strange for a mother almost victorias, so we all had breakfast together with Anne's Husband Robin. He asked me questions about how I ended up on the other side of the planet. To my suprise he was easy to talk to like Harry. But I Knew that was not Harry's biological father. I bonded with them pretty quickly so to kind of welcome me to the area all four of us went to Liverpool, the car ride was cheecky as Harry would say.

It took about 45 minutes so we made our selfs comfy in the back of the car I had my legs on Harry's lap which he didn't mind. Most of the time Harry and I were in a deep conversation looking at each other, then I would feel eyes looking at me. It was either Robin's or Anne's eyes that were looking at us. Liverpool was such a lovely area the shops were cute little shops that had very friendly workers. During the whole Harry had his hand in my hand and our finger locked together, I wondered if the public knew that he broke up with Cassie before the start saying rude words abut me. At the moment I didn't want to have that in my mind because it showed on my face that something was bothering me, I tried to hide it but Harry noticed.

"Hey Jocelyn are you okay? Did I move to fast, if you incomfortable then just tell me okay." He said in an almost scared voice.

"I'm fine I like what is going on but its the fans that I am thinking about I want them to know what is going on between you and Cassie before they see us all over each other."

"Thats fair enough I going to announce it then on twitter." He said with a sence of pride in his voice.

Then I saw this this trending on twitter: "#ByeCassieFromDirectioners" And then Harry started another one saying "#JocelynAndHarryForever". I couldn't help but blushed so I grabbed Harry's hand and kissed him on the cheek. He wasn't holding back his PDAs, but he did little things to show it. He gave me piggy back rides as I laughed because he said I teased him. I don't know what he mean by teasing but I am not ready to have a physical relationship with him we just made it official. Its around christmas time so its cold out. His body is so warm I just want to cuddle into it.

I finally told him to put me down, so instead of a piggy back ride he gave me a bear with his arms my neck. I held his hand this was so much warmer than anything I rested my head on his arm. His mom Anne looked back at us she was ahead of us just by 6 paces, she smiled at us almost like she approved this relationship which was good. The day was coming to an end so our last stop was a huge christmas tree in the middle of a park. To get to the tree we had to go on a bridge, he stopped us at the entrence.

"Its mistletoe we have to follow the rules." Harry said in a very cheecky voice. He bent down slowly but I couldn't wait any longer I met his lips standing on my toes. This was something else I felt his tounge on the bottom of my lips. I played with his curls that turned me on, his hand slide down my face to my waist. I pulled away because to many people were looking some even taking pictures.

"Hazza we will talk about it later, okay? For now lets just enjoy the time with your mom and Robin."

"What evers you say babe." He kissed me one more time causing me to smile into the kiss. When he pulled from the kiss he grabbed my hand and pulled so he can whisper something in my ear. He told me that smiling into a kiss is a turn on for him.

When we finally caught up to Anne and Robin they both were smiling at me. They were walking back to the car for some strange reason Harry was driving home he told me to sit in the passenger side. Sitting in the front of the car was just like the first time we met, the conversation was deep and he would look at me whenever he could. When we finally got to the house Harry and I went to his room, he was talking about how they had a bunglow in the back. So thats were I was going stay from now on with Harry. It all seemed so fast pace but every day I spent with him I feel in love with him.

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