Harry's troubled Love

This is a story about how Harry finds a girl named Jocelyn. She has a rough life because her mother is a drunk with job so to make money she sells you to men to have sex with. Jocelyn is from America but moves to England because of that reason (to get away from the sexual abuse from her mother). In this moment in time Harry has a girlfriend named Cassie but his mother Anne is not a big fan of her. So one day when Jocelyn was walking around finding a place to stay she runs into Anne who told her to come stay at her house. Where she meets Harry and is to shy to actually talk to him.


3. New Begining And New Life

"So what do you want to do we can go into town find some places to go or we could stay here chill, hang out."Harry said with a weird look on his face.

"Umm... I-I think we should go into town. If thats alright with you but I don't have that much money."

"Oh fine with me I will pay." I was not going let him pay for me that just to nice, maybe he isn't as bad as I thought just maybe.

Harry's P.O.V.

She is a very shy person but I think that made me like her so much. Jocelyn kept to herself but I am determined to get to know her. Cassie was nothing like her when I met Cassie she was outgoing  it kind of took me back so when mangement paid her to start going out with me I wasn't into that idea. She wasn't me. On our way into town we had a decent converstion she looked out the window once we got into the heart of Cheshire. I could tell in her eyes that this is the first time she has been in this part. It was like she was a 5 year kid in a candy shop, it was cute.

"Its so beautiful I love it here." She said with the joy in her voice it made me happy.

"Have you been here like in deep Cheshire?"

"No, my mom wouldn't let me go anywhere. I would be lucky if I got to see the inside of a shopping center." I questioned what she said was her mother so harsh on her that Jocelyn was never able to go of her own house. Now I need to know what her mother is like, but I don't want to invade her privacy. Was she stuck in her house,was she even allowed to leave her room? Calm down I thought to myself make her feel welcomed. And I am going to do exactly that, but how would do that.

Jocelyn's P.O.V.

Is this what I have been missing being trapped in that hell hole of a house. The town was cozy something I always wanted to see. While I was looking out the window I felt Harry starring at me it feels awkard for one I just met him. Well I shouldn't complain he is the first boy that looked at me like that, to tell the truth it feels good. When he pulls into a little shop he explains this is were he used to work before the whole One Direction stuff went into play. We go inside and buys me a pastry that is really good to my suprise, Harry later told me that he used to make these and this was his favorite to eat in the morning with tea. To think about it, it would be better with green tea to go along with it.

Harry and I talked alot to my suprise he made me feel comfrotable around him. It was easy to talk to him he is very easy going and I like that about him, when we aren't talking-which was rare- I would catch him starring at me. Every time I caught him doing that I would start to blush I can't help it, but I still don't know that much about him besides what his mother told me about him.

"So Harry tell me about you. Like what do you like to do when you are not around the boys?"

"Well, I like to stay home. I try and spend alot of time with my family because I can have 2 or 3 days with them. Then its 6 or7 months away from them. My family is really my world besides my job." Thats nice to know he likes his family but what about Cassie does he not like her.

"Do you try to hang out with Cassie you know since tabloids say you guys are so in love." I felt stupid for asking such a question.

"I'm really not that fond of her. She is a nice girl and all but she is always trying to do something awkard. I mean yeah the fans know about her but she is always putting what we are doing all over the internet. She is nice and all but a bit to clingy, I want to be in a relationship that when we see each other its just perfect."

"If you feel that way about her why don't you tell her you feel that way about her. Some times being hurt is a good thing, if she is truly clingy like you say she is then you need to let her go before she becomes to attached." I feel weird giving dating advice to a ladies man. I can tell he was listening to me because he sat their with his eyes on me which is a good sign. He nodded his head then he grabbed his phone to call mangement, for what though. Harry is still a wonder to me that I would to figure out, dig deeper in his life so I know what he is really like.

"It's settled." He said with a smirk on his face which ment he did something.

"What is settled?"

"I called mangement because they are the one that set me up with Cassie. I took your advice I told them I can't be in a relationship with some one I don't have true feelings for."

"Wow a big bad pop star listened to my advice some thing I can scratch of my bucket list." I said this in a very sarcastic tone, he sat there and laugh did I mention I think his laugh is really cute. So once we were done in downtown Cheshire we went home. He showed me to Gemma's room then said I can put some of her pyjamas. When I was done changing I came down stairs to find him make us hot chocolate. This feels like alot more like a loving home, something I longed for that I now have.

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