Harry's troubled Love

This is a story about how Harry finds a girl named Jocelyn. She has a rough life because her mother is a drunk with job so to make money she sells you to men to have sex with. Jocelyn is from America but moves to England because of that reason (to get away from the sexual abuse from her mother). In this moment in time Harry has a girlfriend named Cassie but his mother Anne is not a big fan of her. So one day when Jocelyn was walking around finding a place to stay she runs into Anne who told her to come stay at her house. Where she meets Harry and is to shy to actually talk to him.


12. Finally

Taylor's P.O.V

Jocelyn and I have been friends since I could remember, she was there when Ed and I broke up but little did I know he wrote a song called "Little Bird" after our break-up. Harry is nice kid don't get me wrong, but there is something about hime that made me keep and eye on him because with what happened to her with her mom and that whole thing. Nothing to major but to see her break down over the phone because of her so-called-mother. I hated not being there to help like how she helped me the only thing that prevented me from seeing her is the fact that she is far away and I might bump into Ed. I can't face him every again. We were texting for the past week counting down the days we are gonna see each other.

To: Jocey :)

  Hey, can't wait to see you real soon how was Vegas ;) lol

From: Jocey :)

  Vegas was cool but we are on our to CHICAGO!!!!! I will tell you when we are there ok?

To: Jocey :)

  Okay! Love ya!

From: Jocey :)

  Love ya :)

At this point in time I was trying to clean around my apartment, from Las Vegas to Chicago was about a 3 day drive depending on traffic and things like that but she wasn't driving she was on a plane. I have missed her so much.

Jocelyn's P.O.V.

Las Vegas was a sight to see I'm glad we are done there now onto Chicago now I get to see my bestfriend plus the boys had days off. The only thing that was a problem is the fact we can't go out in public without people looking at us the noticing who we are. That means if we so wanted to go out Paul would be with us all of the time. Paul is like an uncle to me but at times I just want Harry and I to be alone together. I couldn't complain he keeps all of the boys safe which I am very thankful for. It feels good to be going home for just a bit I missed my family loads  and Taylor and I could go visit my dads grave sight. We would go out there every saturday it was our thing my dad was a huge Bears fan as well so we coul bring the Bears flag with us. Harry's happieness showed through everything almost as if we were visiting his bestfriend. Taylor wasn't really that into the idea of getting married so young I think she doesn't like the idea of hime being close friends with Ed. In the end she is going to deal with it not only for me but for herself as well. The plane ride was relaxing it gave me time to think about what I am going to do when I get there. The first thing I wanted to do was go visit my dad and bring Harry along then go to Taylor's, so thats exactly what we did.

-3 1/2 hours later-

It touched me to see Harry that emotional he even asked if he could have a moment to compose himself. It took him awhile but he is only human. It wasn't long were we caught a few eyes that were there so we had to leave in tears. After that we had to get going to the hotel to put things in their places when we arrived to the hotel we where greeted by loads of fans. Harry put an arm around my waist and the other waving to the fans with a huge smile on his face showing his white teeth and deep dimples. This was the media Harry not the beautiful, caring, simple, easy-going, funny boy I came to fall in love with. Getting into the hotel was a struggle because you have girls pulling Harry. We finally got into the lobby it was pretty dead not busy like most hotels. We had 1 hour until we go see Taylor we were going out with the boys for dinner. The boys missed her alot Niall was the main one to really get no sleep over her he really liked her but at the moment Taylor was dating Ed. Even when she going through the break-up he was by her side all of time. Taylor though Niall was so caring but she wasn't ready for another relationship that fast he understood but still heart broken. So I know things were going to be awkard, the good thing is that Eleanor was going to be there to so it would balance our girl to boy ration jus a bit more. Taylor was the scared type when she doesn't know what to do which was actuall really weird almost like a whole different person. So spending some time with her would make everything just a bit better. Getting to our room was easy when se walked in it was beautiful which was weird for Chicago. I was happy we got our own room considering we are engaged now, but it wouldn't last long. But I am not complaining but we have to get ready for the dinner the boys have planned for us. I grabbed black leggings with a over the sweater with a giant cross in the center of it ready to get in the shower when my phone buzzed.

From: Tay-Bear

  Hey, can you come and get me from my apartment I am ready to go!

To: Tay-Bear

  Yeah! I will be there in 15 minutes

I grabbed the hotel keys and the car keys that belonged to the huge black Range Rover.

"Harry, Taylor is ready I'm gonna go pick her up okay!" I said yelling at the top of my lungs.

"Yeah go ahead but please have Rick tag along for you and Taylor's safety babe." Rich was one of the body guards he is well built much like Paul.

"Fine I will see you in a bit." Harry grabbed my body and kissed me on my forhead then sent me on my way. I met up with Rick outside of our room ready to go, Harry felt uneasy whenever Rick wasn't with me when I go somewhere. So I completely understand but it was an awkard car ride of pure silence. Rick and I really don't talk to each other he was more to observe and report back. It took 15 minutes to get to Taylor's building it was nice on the better side of Chicago. Now was the time to see my bestfriend once again. Walking into the "lobby" was quiet weird some eyes were burning my back that when I noticed girls running towards. I stood there frozen until Rick push me to the 3rd floor where Taylor was. It was crazy going through this I am normal girl thats in a relationship with Harry Styles. Rick found the room.

*Knock Knock*

"Taylor! Its me open the door lets get going!" Thats when a small big brown eyed girl coming out of the door way.

"Calm your tits woman I am coming"

"Nice to see you too my little angry elf." Thats the one thing she  hated being called. I did it because its funny seeing her get flustered.

"No but honestly it great to see you, Taylor this is Rick our body guard."

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