Harry's troubled Love

This is a story about how Harry finds a girl named Jocelyn. She has a rough life because her mother is a drunk with job so to make money she sells you to men to have sex with. Jocelyn is from America but moves to England because of that reason (to get away from the sexual abuse from her mother). In this moment in time Harry has a girlfriend named Cassie but his mother Anne is not a big fan of her. So one day when Jocelyn was walking around finding a place to stay she runs into Anne who told her to come stay at her house. Where she meets Harry and is to shy to actually talk to him.


13. Catching Up

"No but honestly it great to see you, Taylor this is Rick our body guard."

"Harry won't let you leave the house without some one there to protect you huh." Harry's fame has blasted so it was hard for us to go anywhere without some one there to look out for us. Getting mobbed by fans became an everyday life for me, but she has been out of it for awhile she was never really used to it to begin with. I am still just shaken from the girls who chased me to the floor, but it felt good see Taylor again and we get to catch up with each other face to face. Exiting the building was harder than it was entering it camera's were flashing and it gave me the biggest headache ever. It was no suprise that they were here because they knew we where in Illinois so it wouldn't be long until they pin-point where we exactly. Taylor and I were huddled into Rick's arms rushing us pasted them once we got into the car it took us a good about 10 minutes just to drive away they surrounded the car it was weird for me to try and not to hurt some one because they are just like right there. Once we were out on the road Taylor and I talked just like old times she asked how much crazier my life has been since the boys blew up. We finally arrived to the hotel to find double the amount of fans out there and more camera men that all we needed. Getting in was just a bit more easy because I didn't have people tugging someone left and right asking for picture and autographs. I kindly thanked Rick for getting us here safetly since Taylor was ready for the dinner I had her go with Eleanor and Louis which she was completely okay with her and Louis had a brother&sister relationship he was protective of her. I guided her to the room Louis was is when Eleanor showed up holding a blonde haired baby I became very fond of it was Lux. I asked if Taylor could stay and visit for awhile I went to go get ready and they said yes of coarse. I went back to my room that Harry and I were sharing to find him putting his shoes on.

"It took you long enough babe, I thought someone kidnapped you for a second." Harry found slight humor in his comment.

"Wells Styles I did get chased by a group of girls in Taylors building. Then once we go out we got mobbed my camera men which practically trapped in the parking lot for about 10 minutes. So yeah its gonna be a while before I come back. Now can I please go get ready?" He finally let me out of his grasp kissing me before he slowly letting my go of my hand. I put my outfit on that I laid out ealier and then curled my hair, then just put cover up, eye liner, and mascara. I saw a handsom tall curly hair guy wait for me like a true gentlemen hands crossed in front of him almost as if he were taking me to prom.

"Ready to my lady?" He asked sticking out his arm for me to intertwine mine with. I nodded in reply and did as I felt I need to do grabbing his arms that were normally around my waist and walked out of the room to find everyone wait for us to walk out. We had to go out the back because there was to many people in the front and we wouldn't make it anywhere. We all split up in 2 cars; Eleanor, Louis, Taylor and Zayn in one car. Harry and I, Niall and Liam in the other they were more like dark trucks that had darkened window so people can't look and tell who it was. The drive there Niall was silent the whole time it scared me alot Harry tried to get my mind off it by sliding his hand up and down my thighs nice try Styles.

Niall's P.O.V.

It was Taylor she looked even more beautiful than I can remember considering she didn't have make running down her face from all the crying. When I walked into Louis' room she was there we never made eye contact always avoiding like she was scared of something. I said hi she just waved only looking at me for a second. But man her brown eyes get to me every time I know its sound weird but they do. Just everything about her made my world spin 'round, but for the rest of time she spent most of her time talking to Eleanor which kept her plenty of busy because El was miss blabber mouth. I wanted to talk to her but I couldn't find the words to speak to be honest in other words it might sound cheesy but she left me speechless in so many ways. I was hoping that I was able to ride in the same care with her but instead I rode with Styles his girl Liam. So plans we spoiled basically but I wasn't going to give so easy we still had dinner to talk.

Jocelyn's P.O.V

We pulled up into this big building that had a beautiful outside design then I remember this is the french restuarnt Harry took me to the night he proposed to me. He smiled down at me once we got out of the car almost like he knew why I was smiling this was going to be my favorite place to eat like forever. We all enter the building being guided to a very private area that was far from the rest of the building. They sat us in like a huge circle facing each other laughing seeing all of the face Taylor looked like she was having a wonderful so was Niall yay! This is all I wanted and could ask for questions where thrown around across the table to everyone more to Taylor than any one asking how she was doing and what she was going to college for.

"Well I am going to college to study writting. I was fond of it was like something I could put my feeling into." It was true as well I loved reading her stories she wrote and it amazed me how she would come up with these story lines. The rest of dinner was beautiful we all chatted like middle aged people and we all joked about it. It was getting really late I was getting tired and I could Harry was to so we wrapped up the dinner Rick and I along with Harry drove Taylor back home to her apartment. Tomorrow would be alot more easy because the boys were off for a week so we decided to just stay at the hotel and have a movie day. It was pretty simple today was a good but then something bad happens to I don't want to know but I guess I had. The best thing is that I ended this day wrapped in Harry's arms.


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