Story of my life *under editing*

A/N i've started again with this book so please be patient


2. the x factor full of surprises

"Savvy! You've got an hour 'till Maddi gets here! Are you going to get ready?" My little sister Nicole chimes. She's eleven and annoying, but i don't complain. I also had a twin brother called Liam. He's in a band. One direction. They were on X Factor and they recently got signed to Simon Cowell's label. I'd never actually heard his band live because me and Liam aren't close. He moved to London when he was sixteen and we haven't seen or heard from him since.

I'd just finished applying some makeup and i had put my hair in a bun, i was now slipping into my outfit for the night.

Maddi arrived. I said goodbye to my mum, dad and sister and we left.

After a long four hour drive, we finally arrived at the X Factor studios. As we took our seats, the studio went live.

When the show finished we walked around the place trying to find Maddi's uncle. We had no idea where he'd be. We began walking down a corridor when i immediately spotted a familiar face.

"Savannah?" He said.

 I nodded as he ran over to me and embraced me with a hug. "Liam," I breathed, "I've missed you."

After i introduced him to maddi, he led us to a door that said 'One Direction' on the front as he opened the door four gorgeous faces greeted us. 

"I'm Zayn," A tanned boy with a black quiff said,

"Savannah" I simply replied. I was introduced to Niall and Louis.

"Hi love, and what might your name be?" I boy with curly hair and the most amazing green eyes asked me.

"Savannah," I smiled, "Your quite a cheeky one aren't you?" I giggled. "

And you're quite a beautiful one aren't you?" Harry winked. We stayed with the boys for about ten minuets before a producer poked their head round the door,

"Boys, it's time to go." The boys walked out of the door and Harry came back in and grabbed my hand, "Savannah, I'd like to see you again. Will you go out with me?" He asked. "Yes!" I responded. I gave him my number and he left. Maddi and me drove to our hotel, checked in and went to our room.

My phone beeped, showing that i had a new text:

Hey babe. Are you free tomorrow? I want to take you out for lunch

Harry S xx

To :Harry

Babe? And yes i am. Where you thinking Styles? xx

From: Harry 

I know this cute little italian place, sound good?xx

To: Harry 

I like italian ;) xx

He texted me the directions and soon after that i fell into a deep sleep.




So this is how i imagined Savannah to look. Let me know what you think :)


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