Story of my life *under editing*

A/N i've started again with this book so please be patient


4. The first date

I woke up the next morning. I rolled over to check the time, 11:00. I only had an hour to get ready.

I curled my hair slightly on the ends to give it some life and then i applied some foundation, black eyeliner and mascara.

Harry said that it was quite a casual place so i put on some grey ripped jeans, a laced burgundy crop top , a set of bracelets and a pair of black studded wedge trainers. I wore heels because Harry is quite a bit taller than me. I grabbed my black clutch bag and headed out.

I walked to the restaurant and i was surprised to find harry outside waiting for me. We walked in together and sat down. I ordered a drink, as did he. It was awkward, we honestly didn't have a lot to talk about, which disappointed me.

"You've got a lot of tattoos" i said, trying to break the tension.

"Yeah, i guess i felt i needed them. " He laughed awkwardly, "Have you got any?"

"I have two," I replied pointing to the words on my wrist and then the anchor at the bottom of my neck. Harry smiled at these.

"When did you get them?" He asked.

"The rose on my eighteenth birthday and the anchor i got last month," I replied just as our food arrived. We spoke for quite a while longer and had some dessert.

"Can i have the check please?" Harry asked the waitress. About 30 seconds late she came back. "I'll pay," He smiled.

"Oh ok" I replied.

"A lady should never pay," He winked handing the cash to the waitress. We walked out of the restaurant. "I'll walk you back," Harry said. The whole walk was awkward. I honestly thought it would have gone better than this, i did like him. But we had nothing to talk about.

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