Story of my life *under editing*

A/N i've started again with this book so please be patient


3. Author's note

Hey guys, i apologise for the short chapters i do, they will get longer as the story moves on. i can't update that often, but if you are enjoying my story, become a fan and you'll know when i've updated! i promise that if you become a fan, i'll read at least one of your books. i'm also sorry if the story is a bit boring now, but it will get better,  you just need to be patient. thanks for reading!! 

Just to clarify ages:

Savannah: 18

Maddi: 18

Harry: 20

Liam, Niall and Zayn: 21

Louis: 22

I know the ages are random but i don't care ;)

btw if the links don't work, i'll comment them just me know!xx




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