Over Again (13+)

he leaned in, and placed his lips on mine, making that the most romantic thing ever. i was officially lost. i forgot about everyone, and everything but him. Harry was the one.


16. Valentines Dayyy

i woke up to a strange feeling of lonliness. and i was right. i woke up alone in harry's large bed, again. but i knew he was at home because i could hear his voice in  the kitchen.

"yes, erm, reservation for two, please?" i heard harry say. i wasn't sure what he said after because my phone rang, and eleanor was on the other line.

"Izz! you won't believe this!" she said, very exitedly.

"what?" i asked. "louis' taking me and him on a trip to paris!"

"oh my gosh, that's great, El!" i said.

"oh! i got to go!" she said.


"bye.". and that was the end of that. i went to the bathroom and took a not so long shower and brushed my hair and teeth. i put on my pajamas again, grabbed harry's valentines gift, and walked up behind harry.

"boo!" i said. he turned around and said a sarcastic

"aaah!"."happy valentines, hazz." i said as i gave him the red box. he slowly opened it, and his jaw dropped and hung there.

"babe, this is perfect. i'll wear it everyday." he said as he put the chain with a pendant of a picture of me and him outside in december around his neck.  after that, i couldn't stop smiling.

"love?" asked harry.


"happy valentines day to you too." he said, giving me a bag and box. i looked in the bag, and saw a beautiful white dress that was up to my knees (well, i guessed. i don't know dress names).then, i set the pink box on the countertop, and slowly lifted the lid open. inside, was a collage of us, with the words "they don't know about us" written in the middle.

"harry! i love it!" i said as i wrapped my arms around his neck and kissed him as he chuckled.

"i'm glad you like it, izz. what do you want to do? we have until 5:30pm." he said.

"why until then?" i ask.

"oh. it's surprise." he said.

"and speaking of surprises..." he trailed off as he pulled out a teddy bear and bouquet of roses.

"awwh. thanks so much. i love you, hazz."

"no, thank you. you have been one of the best things that have ever happened to my life." he said. we chose to watch a marathon of romance movies untill 5:00. thats when we went to get ready for the surprise. i looked at the dress and saw a sticky note. 'wear this tonight'. it read. i put the dress on and matched it with white heels. i curled my chesnut hair and put it in a messy bun and put on only mascara, and lipstick. i didn't want to wear too much make-up. then, i went outside to find harry waiting in his car, in a tux.

"shall we go, love?" he asked as he helped me into his car.

"yes, we shall" i replied. we arrived soon enough and sat down for a delicious meal. during our main course, harry got up and began to speak.

"Izz, i love you so much, and i don't know how to express it. so...i wrote a song for you, and niall wrote the music." then, out of nowhere, niall came around with his guitar and began strumming. then harry began to sing. it was a beautiful song, and it was kinda sad when it ended.

"i love it." i said. harry smiled and we continued our meals, talking and laughing away. we then got home and lay down for a night of cuddling and small, but sweet kisses.

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