Over Again (13+)

he leaned in, and placed his lips on mine, making that the most romantic thing ever. i was officially lost. i forgot about everyone, and everything but him. Harry was the one.


23. Take Me Back In Time

Harry's P.O.V.

its been two harsh weeks without her.i need her, i love her. i ran outside into my car and drove to her house. (she moved back but left things there). i took one thing with me, the picture of us on that december date. i put the picture in the passenger seat and drove. it was a dark, cloudy, day and it looked like it would rain. i parked my car across the street and ran over. i rang the old doorbell.

"yes?" a voice creaked.

"izz...i need you." i said.

i was ready for her to slam the door in my face any scream 'no!'

"why are you here?" she asked.

"to get you back. look, i know i screwed up, but give me another chance. you knew i was drunk. just...let me prove to you that i'm not a flirt with everyone. let me prove to you that im only in love with you." i said, with tears building up in my eyes.

"but...how can i trust you? you promised you wouldn't cheat and you did." she whispered.

"just give me the chance to show you i can control myself." i say, my lip trembling as a hot tear slid from my eye.

"i can't..."she said, looking away.

"why not?" i ask, grabbing her arm before she can walk away.

"i've been cheated on before...each time, i was promised to not get cheated on again. still, it happened. how can i know you're not any different?!" she said, tears sliding from her eyes. 

"shhh" i said, cupping her face wiht my right hand, wiping away her tears with my thumb. "i can prove it to you."

"okay..." she said, interwining her fingers with mine.


Izz's P.O.V.

"just promise one thing. never leave me again." he whispered softly into my ear. 

"i promise"





a/n: i changed this chapter cause the first draft of 23 that i published sucked.

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