Over Again (13+)

he leaned in, and placed his lips on mine, making that the most romantic thing ever. i was officially lost. i forgot about everyone, and everything but him. Harry was the one.


9. Mistletoe


**three months later,at school, near the end of the day**

everyone's been calling my tons of different things. it was getting to me. i ended the day early and drove back home. my parents were at work and my sister was in school. so i called the boys over. it was December, and very cold. the boys came, with boxes of decorating supplies.

"let's get this house christmas-y!" said Louis. we put the mistletoe up, the christmas tree, the nutcrakers, and everything else! it looked like my family now lived in a x-mas store! 


just before christmas eve, or Louis's birthday, it was December 23.  Harry was over, as usual, and we were eating gingerbread men we had made. i stood up, and stood under the mistletoe, to made him want to come closer to me,and he did.

"you know, i've never had a mistletoe kiss before," he says.

"me either." and thats when he leaned in, and gave me my first mistletoe kiss. suddenly, someone burts through the door and took me away. they put a hankerchief against my nose, and i blacked out. 

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