Over Again (13+)

he leaned in, and placed his lips on mine, making that the most romantic thing ever. i was officially lost. i forgot about everyone, and everything but him. Harry was the one.


15. Meeting The Parents


I wait for Harry to step out of the limo, while I was shaking like crazy. What if they don’t like me? What if they want Harry to date someone else? I was scared so much I forgot about our dinner.

“love?” he asks, snapping me back to reality.

“wha-oh. Sorry, haz.” I say, stepping out of the limo. Before we went in, Harry gave me a peck on the cheek.

“ready?” Harry asks.

“I guess…” I trail off.

“love?” he asked.

“yes?” I ask, turning my head toward him.

“are you scared of something?” he asks.

“no,” I say, trying to hide my fear.

“you’re lying.” He said.

“how did you know?” I reply.

“you’re shaking so much, and your palms are sweaty. After dating for 5 months, I think I would know if you are scared or not.”


“shall we go in?” he says. I take a deep breath and nod. We walk in, and Harry goes over to greet his family; while I stand alone, waiting for him to come back. Instead, he signals for me to come over. I slowly nod and move myself forward. I hear lots of gasps. 4, in fact. Both of Harrys parents, anne and des, Gemma, and his step-dad, robin. I look over to see Harry smirking. I give him a ‘why are you smirking?!!?!’ face. He doesn’t reply, but then introduces me.

“mum, dad, robin, gemma, this is Izz. She Is the love of my life, and I don’t know how I lived without her. She is one of the most beautiful people in the world.”then, anne reaches over to shake my hand.

“hello, I’m anne, harry’s mum.splendid to finally meet you. And I’m speaking on behalf of all of us.”

“pleasure to meet you.” I reply.  

“hi, I’m gemma”

“nice to meet you.” I reply.

“shall we go?” asks Harry, pulling me closer by the waist as we walk.

“you look beautiful” says harry. I giggle, and we sit down. We order our meals, and harry starts to just blurt out random stories about me, and him. Also, he tells everyone about me.

“oh! Also, she likes the colors teal and black.” He said.

“harry, calm down. Let her talk for herself.” Said Des, harry’s dad.

“oh. Ok.” He said, nudging me with his elbow.

“so, izz. Tell us a little about yourself.” Said robin.

“well….i’m from Toronto. I’m 17, and I like the colors  teal and black. I was a huge fan of one direction, and I still am. I have always dreamed of having a popular blog. And well, I like to sleep.” I said.

“she’s really normal, but has a spark of personality that makes her unique.” Said harry. “and that’s why I love her.” He finished.

“love you too,” I said, resting my head onto his shoulder. We finished our dinner and went outside.

“well, izz, it was lovely meeting you.” Said anne, leaning in for a hug. “it was amazing meeting you too.” I said. We all exchanged goodbyes and went our separate ways. Harry opened the limo door for me and then sat beside me as we drove back to his flat.

“you….were wonderful” said harry.

“you too.”  I replied. We went into his bedroom and lay down. We watched “love actually” and then fell asleep. Luckily I had my pj’s on.

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