Over Again (13+)

he leaned in, and placed his lips on mine, making that the most romantic thing ever. i was officially lost. i forgot about everyone, and everything but him. Harry was the one.


21. Heartache leads to Pain

Izz's P.O.V.

i ran. i ran as fast as my legs could take me. that jerk. the thought of him makes me sick right now. i can't belive i even loved him. i ran to his hotel room (that i got a key to) and got my things. i took his suitcase and opened it up. i took one of his shirts, and lay it on the bed. i went into the bathroom to find a pair of scissors, and went back into the room. i picked the shirt up, and took a deep breath. i closed the scissors against the shirt and cut a giant hole. i took another shirt and cut the sleeves off and some holes in the other parts. i sobbed. i couldn't belived that the one i loved cheated on me. and with that bitch. i locked the door and cried.i took my things and ran to Louis' room. i knocked on the door, and Louis came out in his pajamas.

 "you okay?" he asked quietly. i nodded no.

"here, come in." he said as he took my bag and lead me inside of his room. i quietly got into the second bed, and quietly fell asleep.


Harry's P.O.V.

im such a bad boyfriend. i told my girlfriend i wouldn't cheat and i did. is she even my girlfriend anymore? i dont think so, but i hope she still is. i unlock the door to my room and enter to find my shirts cut up and a pair of scissors laying on the ground. i gasp. she couldn't have done this. but i see tear stains in my shirts and begin to think it might've been her. i should probably go talk to her. i go to Niall's room and see if she's there. i look for her in Liam's and Zayn's but she isn't there. i look around the hotel, and the plaza. i run back into the hotel and see Louis. i run over.

"hey lou." i say.

"hey jerk!" he imitates. i shot him a look of confusion.

"you bastard. do you even know what you did?! you fucking ruined her! she wouldn't even tell me what the hell happened before she ran. she's really upset with you, you know" he said firmly. i looked at the ground.

"you don't get it do you?" i stay silent.

"you get a girlfriend and you think your relationship will last with her. but no. you dont. and you may do what you call 'love' them, but something always fucking happens. you think you love her and you promise not to cheat, and sometimes, you do. like yesterday." i back away slowly. i open my mouth, and a croak comes out.

"i-i...i didnt mean to-"

"shut it" he takes two plates and goes into the elevator. i have to talk to her. i run into the elevator with him and go up. he walks into the apartment and opens the door. he lets out a small 'yuchhh' from the smell. i hear sobbing and look over his shoulder. Izz is on the second bed, crying her heart out.

"hey izz, i got you some food. you need to eat. you cant starve yourself." said Louis caringly as he shot me a mean glance and shut the door to my face.



A/N: i DO NOT think of harry as a womanizer, it just came to my head. DONT HATE ON ME! I KNOW HE'S A NICE GUY AND DOESNT CHEAT! OKAY?

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